1. I really like the way you paint the flowers with the petals slanting backwards. I saw you other paintings and website. This must be a trademark of yours. The paintings show a type of sweet vulnerability.

  2. You could experiment with using (small) drops of rubbing alcohol in wet paint. It makes a neat effect similar to this.

  3. This is really beautiful. My only suggestion is that the bokeh currently looks kind of 'regular' (makes it look a little more like planned polka dots than a realistic effect if that makes sense). Try varying the size a little more, and placing them a bit more randomly and sometimes overlapping, and some lighter/brighter ones?

  4. Nice texture in the wood. Good shading in the leaves.

  5. Ah, so the blue paint was applied on top Of the yellow? I’m just getting back into watercolor painting and love your effect!

  6. Hi again! This piece looks great. Have you considered making patterns for fabric? I feel like you would dominate cute floral prints for dresses and skirts.

  7. Hello! Thank you so much. That's been mentioned to me before but I honestly have no idea how to go about something like that. Maybe I'll do some Googling later ;)

  8. That color is so gorgeous. It just jumps out at you. Well done.

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