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  1. “$10 worth of goods he paid $70 for” is a pretty obvious joke. It’s funny because it’s true

  2. I think he meant its mimicking a caterpillar, but still idk what this dude on about

  3. Hide amongst actual snakes so predators won’t eat them but yea your point works too I guess

  4. Wdym? I cant figure out if you mean that they are trying to mimic another snake that predators would otherwise leave alone or if you mean that its going to blend in in a giant pile of snakes. Neither of those seem reasonable so please explain.

  5. Toy guns normally don't look like this. How do you know that it is a toy gun? What about this gun makes you feel like it's a toy gun? The colours would be rather rare for a toy gun

  6. Aren't real guns pretty heavy? Like I'm genuinely asking I've never touched one lol

  7. It definitely depends, but on the lighter end they are 1-2 pounds, and on the heavier end well that depends on what you consider a gun.

  8. I was hoping this would be one of those “as a member of the male community i would like to decline this offer and pass her up to the women” things, but i was happily suprised.

  9. Didn’t need them to tell me anything, hence the part where it took a weekend. In my area, every single house on the market was getting multiple cash offers within 24 hours, for over 6 months. I found a house I liked, and I bought it after arm wrestling with the owners. I just needed the realtor so she could handle the purchase/inspection/loan situation.

  10. Your realtor handled your inspection, loan, and purchase?? There is a serious conflict of interest there and idk if you are just super trusting or that realtor is awesome, but seriously that is usually not a good idea. Also the whole arm wrestling with the seller thing is a really common sales tactic to get people to overpay for something creating a false sense of demand.

  11. I’m obviously shortening it cause I don’t feel like typing it all out on Reddit. I bought a house through standard legal procedures in my state. Relax, investigator Reddit. You literally have no idea what my situation was, what the market here was like, or what you’re talking about at all frankly. Keep your advice to yourself please.

  12. Dont get all defensive man i was just trying to point something out. Go to sleep im just some fucking pos on the internet ignore me. Its so late just go tf to sleep. Idk man im tired and im reading my comments and im just like why tf did i even say shit. Like bru im just some dumass fucking teenager whose never had to buy a house before what the fuck do i know. All that being said (whatever that even is idk) j wish yoh the best and a merry christmas or hannukah or whatever

  13. Lol, I just hate how the npcs have so many options and we are left with re-colors of the same 6 jackets

  14. I like to think of it as in cannon those are the only clothes V would consider wearing. Ofc this is hilarious to me because it would mean that my V is a merc who kills for fun and as a profession, but crossdresses. Idk how to describe it although I’m pretty sure irony is the word I’m looking for.

  15. I only just opened this damned app and I already think I got enough of reddit for a week

  16. Nah, cus i read what he said and i immediately thought “oh he means his hand got some action”, right, but then i read your comment and i re read the parent comment. And then i re read faifainei’s post. And then i reread the parent comment. And then i reread his post. And then i realized. And now i blame you.

  17. Incel.co? Idk i just feel like this has to be rage bait. There are some sick fucks but i hope its just someone with a mildly fucked version of satire.

  18. This is a CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics), which is used by engineers to simulate the aerodynamics of a vehicle, and is very useful to save money with the wind tunnel (which is very expensive).

  19. Well its one of those things where it just goes on forever. First she films a video, then she fucks up her face. She proceeds to post video and pays for hospital bill. On her way out of the hospital crossing the road she posts a video saying “I’m ok everyone”, but then as shes looking at her phone to record the video a semi comes out of nowhere and BAM shes back in the hospital, emergency care this time. Some time passes and this youtuber comes at her with a great idea. Hes all like “we should totally get some uranium and eat it. And then she died because she ate uranium like what did you think would happen.

  20. I haven’t camped in a hammock but I assume you want it high so animals don’t reach you.

  21. This is actually true and there isn’t anything inherently wrong with the height she put it. Idk why you got downvoted. If you put it lower its easier to use, but you need to put it high if there is a risk of bears bothering you. One dude i went with had a bear literally play with his hammock while he was sleeping it was hilarious. The bear didnt appear to be trying to attack him or anything, but either way it ran off once it saw us. Imagine waking up to a bear playing with your hammock☠️

  22. If it wags when its happy then its the cutest unicorn dog

  23. Bank robbers are also getting that money. Do you support their “hustle”?

  24. Thats a bad argument, alot of people relate with bank robbers.

  25. Plot twist: OP called the cops on themselves and thats why they werent taken seriously. The poop was in the toilet and the bed was theirs.

  26. So… while she was stealing she was pooping?

  27. Sounds like she was somehow not at her highest mental capacity. Not saying she was on drugs or crazy, but she was probably high or crazy. Edit: op said she was on drugs

  28. Eh, might be better if he knows how he was an asshole. This way he can't claim that "the date that went really well ghosted him for no reason".

  29. When have you ever heard that and thought “oh that sounds legit”

  30. Damn....my high-school bullies would've definitely bullied these bullies.

  31. The problem everyone seems to leave out is that they all seem to be buff as fuck. Like when the fuck did these rednecks start taking personal fitness so seriously?

  32. According to the FAA it is illegal to attach any weapons to drones.

  33. The flamethrower is considered a farming tool in most states. It is as much a weapon as a shovel or chainsaw would be legally.

  34. Credit where it's due, it's a good story. People act like it's easy to farm karma but I don't know if I could do it. My post would be just called 'check out this big box' and would have 2 upvotes.

  35. Me every time im like hey i bet it would be so easy to karma farm, ima do it real quick

  36. General rating Style: 7/10 going in the right direction nice shirt but its not rlly a “fit” try mixing jewelry like necklaces and maybe rings. Haircut:-1/10 your haircut actively makes you look worse than you actually do. Consider a fringe cut with a fade on the sides and maybe even a perm on top. Face shape:5/10 nothing special buy if mewing is practiced you have potential to look decent Physique 7/10 you should gym but alot of people pull even tho they dont go so ig u could still be considered attractive to someone

  37. is there any truth to that or is it purely a joke? "will the sun explode today?"...from what we know about the sun, the chances are sub1%. BUT it either will or it wont, which suggests the chance is 50%

  38. I mean statistically if you ask a man with no knowledge whatsoever of the sun, wether or not the sun will explode, there is a 50% chance he will be right regardless of which answer he picks. If you then tell him about the genuine probability and then ask him wether or not the sun will explode then his chances of getting the question right (if he bases it on the actual probability) are near 100%. (Think 99.999…). This doesnt mean there is a 50% chance the sun will explode; it means there is a 50% chance the man will be right about the sun exploding.

  39. Noted will now proceed to NOT scroll down. I repeat i am NOT scrolling down. If you think i am scrolling down then you are dumb because i am NOT in fact scrolling down.

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