1. Ask ya girl what my ---- tastes like. Emmure.

  2. I think this happened when I was 16, I'm 29 now so maybe 2009ish? Waited by the bus after a show in Cleveland, they didn't come out, asked someone loading equipment onto the bus if they were planning to come out, he went to ask and said they didn't want to because it was cold so we could just...go inside.

  3. Anyone here know beneath the sky? I had two of their shirts and they got ruined 😠sentimental value cause they were absolutely my favorite band back in the day 🖤

  4. What are peoples thoughts on the acoustic shows? Worth it?

  5. 1000% Didn't know I needed it in my life. Really really good! Can't explain it. But good for the soul.

  6. Wage war stole the show for me 🖤🖤🖤

  7. Yes, my mom use to blast linkin park in the car, specifically one step closer and we would scream at the top of our lungs SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKIN TO YOU! SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP!!! SHUT UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to BREAK!

  8. If you think this acoustic version is good wait till you hear the original. Manic was my AOTY, Blueprints is just as good. Wage War is incredible.

  9. I just started listening to wage war a few days before I saw them. I had already heard a lot of their music including this song which quickly became my favorite. I love the original. What blew me away is how amazing they were live. Their voices are incredible.

  10. Is this an acoustic / chill set? Or are we going to have high energy here?

  11. I upvoted - and with our viewing the post or reading any of the comments, I’m just saying thank you for using spoiler tag 👍🏻

  12. Hahaha you're welcome. You're stronger than me. I had to take a peek and I'm seeing them tomorrow 😅

  13. How was the crowd? Singing along? Or just watching?

  14. In nashville we were all singing along

  15. I just got here and don’t think people got the message. LOL

  16. I was like the only one dressed fancy lol 😂 wayyyyyy over dressed. Thanks Neil 👍

  17. Nashville, Tn tomorrow!!! Hoping for reassemble 🙃

  18. I’m going tomorrow too! Bro can you imagine if they don’t play the song that the tour is named after🤣

  19. Awesome I'm gonna be in the front row!! Yea my hopes aren't too high on getting to hear reassemble since on the Re-Entry tour they maybe played re-entry 2 times the whole tour 😢😂

  20. Reassemble is a literal masterpiece and nothing can change my mind about that

  21. Yes. Many. Maybe even most. There’s little that drives folks to drinking as much as family.

  22. Omg I'm so sorry. Please update if your fishy shows up 💞

  23. I'm surprised to see so much love for this song. I thought it was pretty under rated.

  24. Well, the reason I was pointing out the WWWY setlists (but also including Plot, since they apparently didn’t have enough time for it and/or it was that much more important to make sure Lauderdale was included instead) is that, given the time constraint of a 45-50 minute set, it’s clear that those are the tracks that apparently make up the cornerstones of their live show (I guess except for Miracle because it’s the new track so time will tell if it’s one that sticks around, but it made perfect sense for them to showcase it to a couple of 50k+ crowds: they had to make sure the casual fans, those that weren’t familiar with them beforehand, and those that just haven’t kept up with them know that they’re still in the game and currently making music)…but if that’s the case then the remaining 6-10 songs they usually have time for could (should?) be shuffled out with greater variation from tour to tour. That being said, I like a lot of what they picked outside of those 12 for the first two tours back since the shut down / release of You’re Welcome.

  25. I'm feeling a similar way. Some variation would be amazing.

  26. I would die if they played Casablanca or colder than my heart

  27. The blue one is beautiful. White is my favorite tibby color tho.

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