Zion Williamson: “No matter what the world is saying, I have to remember that I am who I am and stay true to that. That’s what Naruto did, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

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  1. Why ? You would only get like plus 10 fps tho

  2. So I haven't played the remake but I see a few people talking about it being short?

  3. Article says the police claim the accident was not impairment related. How could an almost 80 year old crashing into a restaurant not be impairment related?

  4. The Dame leaving Portland narrative. Same loop every time.

  5. I'm not OP but that looks like a be quiet! Pure Rock 2 Black except all fans (CPU & case) have been upgraded to be quiet! Silent Wings 4.

  6. The moment an NBA player makes a Fate reference, it's over.

  7. (desk) How the AI cheated you in Street Fighter 2

  8. It's not going to cause damage or suddenly fail.

  9. FYI but Danbooru is having a massive hissy fit over it, too.

  10. Okay, Google is failing me here: what is NTR?

  11. Nagatoro is 17, Uzaki 20, they are short, they dont grow taller anymore.

  12. 13 is the epitome of modernized sprite fighters. Nothing comes close except for Third Strike which is old school.

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