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  1. I live a simple life where procrastination isn't the end of the world

  2. Geez. Planet nightclub. That's a while back. Now it's a skate shop or the strip club I think? Can't remember the exact location.

  3. I’m selling a boat on and was contacted via text message asking me to email this address (which I did). I got this response.

  4. That's honestly better than I thought with all that claret.

  5. This is dumb. The decision by the US Supreme Court has zero effect on Australia. This is just the Greens trying to whip up hysteria to get votes.

  6. It's called solidarity. If you have the capacity for empathy you might experience it one day

  7. The cameras can recognize your walking pattern as well so you have to hobble in different ways also.

  8. Easy to do when you're an old fart collecting injuries like I do

  9. I would be happy to have no performances but I thought Perth put on a better show with local talent than we've ever seen at the MCG, although I'm sure the more modern stadium helped with the sound.

  10. It’s seriously crazy. A kid in my kids class kept coming to school and being sent home with the flu. Parents kept telling the teacher it was OK cause it wasn’t COVID. The next week, 10 kids in the class away sick and the teacher. Including my kid, now we have just had two weeks of sickness in my household as it got everyone and I had the worst birthday ever. If you are sick, stay home whether it is COVID or not.

  11. My kid had 23 absences from school this semester. Not sending them to school when sick is the right thing to do.

  12. 23! - wow, that is crazy - I hope they are able to still learn from home with so much time off school

  13. It's absolutely fine. Kiddo is still young. Their report card was excellent

  14. Can’t wait for season 7… for my heart to be ripped out. Oh how simple were the early seasons where everything was so nice and easy. Where there were no overarching darkness and things were nice…

  15. First game of the year I 100% know we're not going to win. Ah, this feels familiar and nice.

  16. My best friend got engaged and whilst I feel very happy…..I was hit with a twinge of loneliness as well. Are these feelings valid?

  17. Imagine believing that XX and XY are the only genetic possibilities

  18. Both Freo and Eagles were only at half capacity for the first few rounds of the season. Eagles also had a game where the trains had issues so half the fans couldn’t get to the ground.

  19. Weren't capacity restrictions still in place at OS at the start of the season?

  20. I have been busting my a** haha to be honest and been getting offers for 110-120k, but was really hoping that current manager would notice the effort especially as we had 3 people leave and I kind of managed to take half of their work… idk if i should be grateful or not thats the thing as I always think there are people in worse situations

  21. Vic Roads cant get any worse can it?

  22. I'd also like to point out that our VIC followers for the Melbourne game seemed louder than Melbourne...

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