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  1. I have absolutely no idea why, but I imagined you voice typing that in a Sean Connery voice

  2. Gonna have to regretfully miss it…saving on electric

  3. It costs like 4 pence to run a telly for an hour lol

  4. Yeah mate thanks for that, it’s a pisstake saying I have an excuse not to watch it

  5. Why, eBay. I just looked for a bottle of vintage port (as example)- seems no shortage of offers.

  6. You have to be registered as an official shop

  7. Shared [200 miles away, 2 Years Later] for you hun x

  8. It’s to check for correct print colours and quality of the ink.

  9. Only people on this subreddit act like London is the only multicultural place on the planet.

  10. You do realise that this subreddit is called

  11. Damn, as a Brazilian it's nice to know someone has a positive opinion of us for once.

  12. Had Brazilian neighbours next door and then another Brazilian family over the road both loveliest kindest people I’ve met.

  13. I would have paid I’ve always wanted to be above the rest

  14. To be fair Hello Fresh is the most ironic company name out there. The food they deliver is very very far from fresh

  15. I think this literally means you will be sucked off the platform because of pressure and stuff

  16. Nar, it means you’re getting a blowy since you’ve been a naughty boy 👿

  17. What does dogging mean my boyfriend said it once and everyone laughed but I’m not from the UK I seriously have no idea what it means

  18. When people go to Parks or other arranged meet ups to watch others walking dogs. It’s a strange tradition

  19. No. But they checked out others

  20. Whoa, that news is just TOO FAST for me.

  21. Wow that is something! That’s proper family newsletter stuff. I love these

  22. Vai tad viņš to nebija pazaudējis kad viņš skraidīja ar saviem stulbiem tetovējumiem un krekliem un ko vēl izaicinot Džeiku Polu, kas pat nezināja kas viņš ir un sauca viņu par Mario

  23. Reminds me of Friends episode the one with Mac and Cheese, the last bit

  24. Don’t know if you will see this, but due to extreme weather conditions your appointments may get changed unless you’re attending for regular treatment.

  25. Paul will be over to take all it’s toys away, if the dog can’t pay.

  26. i no babez, 2 meny sneks around, am fuming, kids r crying had enuf xoxox

  27. Shared “location 150 miles away, 2 years later” for you hun x

  28. I thought that’s where they go down to once they are past their prime

  29. Touché! (I'm fairness, I don't assume anyone having takeaway is fat, as much as an assumption about their laziness). Hope you feel better soon.

  30. Been trying to dodge the thing for 2.5 years. Sooner or later it catches up on everyone it seems

  31. Thanks. It’s absolutely horrible

  32. NAL - Only piece of advice I can give you for future - always book with airline direct. That’s when you will have your security and better experience.

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