1. hey thanks man, would really appreciate that!

  2. Pearson was pretty bad! Busiest I’ve ever seen it and our flight got delayed by 3 hours. When I first arrived at the International Terminal, there was no places to sit or stand. It got better as the night went on but yeah, Pearson is the mess everyone was saying it was…

  3. frigggg. thanks for the input. do you mind me asking if your flight was canada to USA or was it a different intl destination?

  4. My flight was Pearson to Keflavik (Iceland). GF flew from DC to Keflavik (via Pearson).

  5. I know it's not against some of the bigger nations but give Neesh that contract!!!!

  6. Neesh trying really hard to make it back into the main squad.

  7. I evolved two Clamperls, one turned into Huntail and the other one turned into a Gorebyss. lol

  8. Neesham says "Bring me back to the real squad!!" with that 6.

  9. Where is Mark Chapman these days? Just realized I haven't seen him play for NZ in a bit?

  10. My question is will Kane, Boult, Southee being rested too much make them rusty? Kane was already out of form but not sure if this is good or bad...

  11. 50 in the last 4? Eh, not bad but horrid start for the Kiwis

  12. I've lived across Southern Ontario and the public transit in Ottawa is the worst. It's embarrassing for the countries capital quite frankly.

  13. This has been my biggest issue since moving to Ottawa. I’ve lived in NZ, USA and other parts of Canada and for a capital city, the public transit is so bad? I just don’t get it.

  14. I have been slowly going to State Capitals every time I go to a new place in the US (I'm Canadian). It's been fun and cool but so tedious!

  15. Thanks for this update. Just sent them an email and should get around 9000 ISK refunded

  16. lmao, did the same and my discount was also around 9,000 ISK haha

  17. I’m in the same boat as you, our flight from Reykjavik to Oslo is 3 weeks away and I’m not too sure what to do. :/

  18. You're not wrong but the price is a lot more than what we paid for SAS... but yeah, I guess we gotta do what we gotta do

  19. lmao I do this to my friends to mess around with them but this is great hahahaha

  20. NZ made it harder than it should have been, but not discrediting Ireland. They also played well! 10 crucial points for NZ. Bracewell is doing pretty good and finally Finn had a good 50. Hopefully, our top order plays better next game!

  21. Fuck this crowd sucks. It's like being at 4 day match in Palmerston North with me, an old dude with a flask and a golden retriever on the loose. Except the golden retriever would understand cricket more than this crowd does.

  22. LOL, Palmy is pretty nice! Lived there for a couple years when I was a kid. Loved the people!

  23. Grew up there. It's a lovely town, really. But my description of a first class match there is pretty apt. Lol.

  24. You're not lying though hahaha, I went back and visited Palmy and found it such a quaint little town

  25. Tom is such a down to earth and chill dude. I would love to meet him and exchange travel stories!!

  26. I'm just happy I got to see NZ win something last year... lol they have been so disappointing lately.

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