1. She looks lovely 😊, but sadly... I really hate Fords...

  2. Honestly, just go with the colour story that speaks to you. They are all beautiful, very high quality shadows. A little fallout, but easily managed. My favourite is subliminal, I think it’s absolutely stunning and the only pallet I really need. I have my eye on divine rose 1 next. It really just depends on which one you like the most and think you’ll get use out of. The quads are nice to.

  3. That's part of the problem, like half of them speak to me 🤣

  4. Hiyaa, Im a bit confused, I thought a defib was for first aid/ resuscitation. Could you explain that if you feel comfortable?

  5. They can also be implanted in cases of heart failure, arrhythmias, and some other cardiac conditions.

  6. Tom Price is lush and green man, isolated and all but it does have that going for it

  7. And it's close to the national park (Karajini) which is honestly my favourite place in the whole world

  8. If you're willing to travel a bit, there are some amazing places in Margaret River in the winter months when everything is green

  9. That's such a beautiful concept! Not colours I go for but I think it's so great to celebrate Australia's natural beauty!!

  10. I LOVE Sunset Hour, I think it smells lovely.

  11. Same, I got a 10ml travel spray to test it out and I adore it, to me it smells like a summer cocktail

  12. Smile lines shouldn't be looked at as a negative thing. It just means you smile a lot, which is a beautiful thing!

  13. I’ve noticed that too. I see a lot of right leaning content which doesn’t make sense bc I don’t sub to anyone who makes content like that, yet it’s pushed. Either that or it’s lighthearted content and the comments are a mess

  14. Literally same! What I watch on YouTube is mainly dog content and DIY stuff

  15. I mainly watch self love, social commentary, and like Danny Gonzales/Drew Gooden videos lol. Sometimes I dabble with fitness videos on how to perform exercises and Kpop vids. Like the only reason I maybe see stuff like that is because of social commentary videos. But it’s been a long time since I noticed I keep being shown things like that even when I immediately look past them or put not interested.

  16. As an employee...the new markdown system sucks. You scan a product and whack the best before date/use by in and then how many to mark down. The computer then decides how much to mark it down by. If it's only one product then it's a piddly little amount like this. If it's 5 then it's larger. As not manager if we deviate from what the machine says we'll get in trouble. When it does shitty markdowns like this I normally track down my line manager, department 21C or the store manager and get the okay to increase it.

  17. I also work in fresh produce and I whole heartedly agree. I hate doing markdowns.

  18. Lots of people dislike gambling facilities like RSL clubs. I'm one of them. Those places are essentially for assisted living members or gambling addicts.

  19. The RSL near me is mainly veterans that have a few drinks and watch footy, otherwise they do a lot to help in town. When I was in scouts they helped us with a bunch of fundraisers.

  20. This isn't a massive issue, but I went to Sydney once on a school trip (I'm from WA) and the people were just less warm if that makes sense. I feel like in WA you always get people saying good morning when you walk down the street and the people are relatively friendly.

  21. These are some nail polish brands that have some really fun colours and FX toppers

  22. I am jumping on here to add I Scream Nails, they’re Melbourne based and have some really fun stuff as well.

  23. They don't ship some brands because of a) exclusivity rights (I.e, Drunk elephant with Mecca, Rare Beauty with Sephora b) some skincare products are "prescription strength" and can't be sold over the counter (a drunk elephant moisturiser got a new formulation to be released here)

  24. I would honestly say stick it out for a little bit, at least until you have a different job lined up. Having an active income is a good thing.

  25. to be fair, the bar for a live action adaptation is low

  26. Even if his products may be good quality, he's not a nice person. I personally wouldn't want to support him in any way shape or form.

  27. I have a few of the ones that you have mentioned here and your right,they are pretty hit and miss but like I’ve said (a few times) I had NFI about any controversy surrounding him,I’ve only started wearing makeup recently and so I don’t know about anything about the creators, I kind of feel like people are being pretty judgey towards me just because I don’t know who makes it and no I’m not really in the habit of supporting terrible people but do I need to now do investigations into any and all makeup creators?

  28. That's absolutely okay, I totally agree, people can be a bit judgey here, which sadly can deter new people. I think people were mentioning it incase it's something you value.

  29. My friend has the model! It takes the 600 film in the blue packet, have fun!!

  30. Charlotte Tilbury foundations - they’re sooo heavy on the skin and emphasise texture and dryness so bad. Unless you have literally perfect skin it won’t look good. Also most of the Drunk Elephant range 😅 I love the TLC and B-Hydra serums but otherwise it’s a bit meh. I don’t understand the D-Bronzi hype either. Better Than Sex mascara is nice at first but super flaky after a couple hours, Stila Huge lash is a better product with a similar look. And Santal 33 from Le Labo is not a nice fragrance, I swear people buy it purely because they think it makes them cooler to wear something so weird 😂

  31. I love the formula for the kosas foundation but it's just a tad too yellow for my cool toned ass.

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