1. I was in Disney the May after the Super Bowl. Happy to say that every “Go Birds” I said was responded too. And there was at least 3 a day.

  2. Do they not use their Shared Universe for video pods?

  3. I have no idea. This showed up on a Facebook feed. Assuming Ming is at a Con somewhere in the country and maybe Mike is at the studio.

  4. I’m about to be done my 6th? Listen through and I remember hearing it talked about in some length at some point, but not sure when and it may have been a Space Monkeys, I tend to skip them on the re-listens

  5. Just listened to that today and forgot how ridiculous the clues were.

  6. Hated him for the first month of last season and wanted him fired. He eventually won me over but in true Philadelphia fan fashion he has to do it again this year. I’m pulling for him though.

  7. Prince Q. Not being a dick but just listened to it today.

  8. 262. Hospital Hijinx is also a very funny one about a hospital stay for Bry.

  9. Seems like all sizes available for the 13%

  10. Hi. This could possibly be my cat that got out of my house about 2 weeks ago. I live in the north east and she would have had to travel a bit but it looks very much like her.

  11. Just start at 1. I was late to the game, started listening around Q’s trial and didn’t know what was going on so I started at the beginning and I’m now in the middle of my 5th re listen.

  12. Hot take. Ep 97 is great but not #1. Always on a re-listen and every time find gems. The last time I went through, and I’m getting kinda close now and can’t wait to hear it again is Hospital Hijinks (in the 200’s somewhere) Didn’t really stand out the first few times through but the last time I heard it I was cracking up at the relentless ball breaking Walt was giving Bry for being in the hospital. I don’t know if it was just the mood I was in that day or what but I was dying the last time I heard it. Also put “This is why” above 97.

  13. Patreon is fine but I have not been able to listen to a TESD proper on Apple in about 2-3 months. Just says this episode is not available. I go to SoundCloud for the latest but I am currently about 3-4 behind.

  14. This is what actually killed the show for me. I haven’t listened in a few years but when COVID hit and Sirius was free for a few weeks I tuned in. The shows were pretty bad but checked this out after and got to the letter E. Elephant man was the bit and I thought it would be years of Fred the Elephant boy clips but turned out to be 10 minutes of zero laughs and Howard blowing Bradley Cooper and a painfully unfunny Elephant man impression. Still had free Sirius for a few weeks but never checked back in with the show. Realized it wasn’t for me anymore.

  15. Had 2 4 packs in my cart but with shipping it came to $50 seems a lot to pay for 8 beers. Having a few drinks now though enjoying opening day so I’ll probably end up pulling the trigger eventually

  16. Dude I’m tellin ya... that shipping is the only reason I didn’t grab some. I get why it’s so much, but still

  17. I live in Philly, the closest I can get it is about a hour away and I’ve done the drive once before. I don’t know why but I’d rather drive the hour and probably pay that much in gas then pay for the shipping.

  18. Wow spend the night. Live in Philly and did the drive to Florida a handful of times. It’s a must stop on the way down, then I remember what a dump it is and cruise right by on the way home.

  19. Apple podcast app just put up 1-299. Switched to that. Hoping I never have to use SoundCloud again.

  20. Congratulations you get the first lol I’ve ever written.

  21. Shit I did forget about that. But I will

  22. do you know if they still have the catoberfest available

  23. I didn’t see it at the store I was at but they also had the Holidaze separate from the rest so it’s possible it is still out there. Didn’t even think to look.

  24. Hung out with Hank one night at local bar that was having him there with a dwarf tossing promotion. He wasn’t being tossed but just there. I was talking to him for a few minutes and I guess he didn’t have a handler there or the handler just left him there so I basically became his manger for the night. Getting him beers from the bar, keeping annoying people away from him and busting him up to the front of the line when he had to piss like he was the president. Fun night.

  25. If Howard, Gary or anyone on the show check this site then I think they would have too. I’m new here, Stern only on my radar because of the free promo. Was a fan since I was in 7th grade when he first came to Philly. Had Sirius from day one till about a year after Artie left. If they pay attention to the countless people saying they are dropping every day they would have to do something to get everyone’s attention. Is there anyone on here that shits on the show everyday not be tuning in that day. Could be a way to stop the bleeding of paying subscribers leaving. Unless the show is just too far gone.

  26. I’m a big fan of the podcast Tell Em Steve Dave. It helps to be a Kevin Smith fan but not necessary. It’s been going 10 years now and basically replaced Stern for me. There are 3 main guys and a cast of “secondary” characters. It’s 2 of the guys that were on Comic Book Men and Q from Impractical Jokers.They are in to the mid 400’s now of episodes and have a Patreon with a lot of content. You have to go to SoundCloud to get the whole run but it is very funny. Just gotta let them work out the kinks in the first few episodes.

  27. Just very recently came across John’s podcast (and this reddit page) and holy shit is it bad. Had Sirius from day one with Howard, got rid of it a few years ago but back on now that’s it’s free. The new show is unlistenable so went to YouTube to listen to “classic” stuff. Found John’s show, I’ve probably checked out 5 of them but cannot get through any of them.

  28. Was it f1r3ant? Edit: cause it’s me, lol

  29. No. Don’t want to put the name out, they might not want it. But it wasn’t you. Maybe one day.

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