Trump confirms the raid !!! Let’s go !!!

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  1. I think her being out so publicly is just more proof the baby was born weeks ago and the news was held back to a convenient time for Kris

  2. I agree. I was thinking the baby must have been home pre Tristan EuroTrash Tour

  3. Really sad… especially being a surrogate baby who has been separated from the woman that carried him for 9 months. Why can’t she summon door dash or eat out of her grocery store sized pantry for at least the first few weeks?? 💔💔💔

  4. she used up her monthly Door Dash expense on door dash Triistan Jr. III

  5. God I hope Carmen got to go! Maybe that’s why she was coloring her hair and wearing makeup

  6. Maybe she was having a “closure” dinner with her ex “financier boyfriend”

  7. allegedly Sutton had purchased a table and invited Rinna and HH, but she cancelled the table a few days before the event. IMDB gave them all seats at another table allegedly

  8. Yeah the problem I have with that is you just can’t “cancel” a table you paid for at a charity event. There’s kind of a no refund policy.

  9. Agree. Thus the allegedly The story I saw had a bunch of text messages from someone from the charity claiming this. Easy to fake. Who knows.

  10. So now she’s putting the blame on the child for the fact that she’s covering up her baby’s birthmark imperfection. That is some really sick shit.

  11. She’s been claiming that MariLu is obsessed with hats for 6 months now

  12. Well isn’t that convenient. Wonder how she figured out she should hide her birthmark

  13. Her eyebrows were naturally very thin as a child. She either has micro blading or the brow hair transplant (I think the latter bc Khloe had this too.)

  14. I didn't even know they existed until now 🤯

  15. What is that weird sound in the background? Sounds like someone yelling?

  16. Emphasis on “acting”. He probably told her to sound upset in the background

  17. I guess if the kids were ever let out of their high chairs, the couch pillows would not stay perfectly “chopped” for long.

  18. They really do spend an inordinate amount of time in those highchairs. Also, there’s no way she chopped those pillows

  19. I don’t think they allow cameras in Federal court, but the American NEED to see justice

  20. Make it open to the public. Completely.

  21. There might be a lottery for tickets into the trial … if there is a trial 🤞🏼

  22. I don't think he'd get any tax credit for burying paperwork on a golf course.

  23. He’s competing with Alex Jones for most number of ex-lawyers on one case

  24. 100% of the time, when someone is telling others to "wake up" they don't know wtf is going on in the real world

  25. Honestly, fuck Kanye. This is all extremely sad and unnecessary.

  26. It’s a bad idea for anyone to get involved with this family. They are cannibalistic monsters.

  27. It’s true! My ex recently had his first psychotic break and has newly onset schizoaffective bipolar disorder. And I have so much new trauma from that which made some really old stuff resurface too. It’s definitely time for therapy. I’ve learned a lot about the different types lately and it’s just time to stop hiding behind distractions and face the issues. I think Pete is smart for confronting his issues in therapy. He might still be fucked up in ways, but I can really respect him getting help.

  28. Maybe you should stop posting your boobs on a public forum every day, Hillary. You objectify yourself more than any man ever has.

  29. Why did they do Kim’s hair like that it looks so ugly and lame for a met gala. And the blonde doesn’t suit her one bit

  30. I read an article about how celebrities that under go noticeable plastic surgery will often change their hair dramatically to blend all the new features so it’s not noticeable. I don’t know how creditable that is, but it seems true 🤷‍♀️

  31. Many plastic surgeons will suggest that to their patients

  32. $20 bucks the surrogate gives birth to twins and she says she was surprised and one was hiding from the other.!!

  33. Yup. That’s why she said last week that a random man screamed “it’s twins!” at her

  34. Yes, Kylie we all know you have breasts. No need to draw an arrow

  35. Fairly certain she got dressed in a dark room with blackout shades on

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