1. Kirby Smart might not beat you in a race or a fight

  2. Williams goes down, USC falls apart.

  3. Hooker would have put up 75 against Vandy /s

  4. There's 2,832 four year colleges in the US though so I think the fact that a group of 130 of them immediately came to mind is a sign that their investment is reaping some reward.

  5. Right. They're not always competing against the other D1 schools. They're competing against community colleges, regional colleges without football programs, and kids from the area that weren't even sure they wanted to go to college at all.

  6. homie this program mentally broke JT fucking Daniels

  7. I was about to say, Auburn traditionally gets to claim "hardest schedule" as a prize.

  8. Sure. But those two schools had giant sums, so clearly they're doing something different. "Athletics restricted endowment and investments income" is the only thing that seems possible. I wonder if they classified some money differently from the rest of the schools.

  9. I think it is a classification thing. Quick Google search shows that a lot of their athletic scholarships are private endowment scholarships.

  10. What the heck is going on with PSU and that "other revenue" number? Same with Cal.

  11. What does "other revenue" mean anyway?

  12. He doesn't have the most glittery stats. He's surrounded by a great team that makes it all possible. But he's been the heart and soul of this Bulldog team for the last two years, carrying our hopes and dreams on his back to the mountaintop.

  13. Pardon my ignorance, but why is he a POS? Serious question.

  14. Some folks consider the "fuck Utah" (and the week before that, "Fuck ND") fingernails to be unsportsmanlike.

  15. I gotta agree with you on that, even as a Georgia homer.

  16. What do yall think the market is for ole DJ after this year? I didnt get a chance to watch him a ton, but he was pretty dreadful in the couple games I did watch.

  17. He needs someplace with a stronger Oline, I think. Give him protection and he can throw dimes all day. A weak line that lets a defense pressure him is deadly.

  18. Somewhere that has a history of taking transfer qbs maybe....hmmm can't think of such a school right this minute.

  19. Nix definitely blossomed once he got more than a nanosecond to make a read.


  21. Where are you getting that information? The new playoff system is fully public now and it starts the first round 2 weeks after conference championships. The SEC, for example, is definitely not eliminating their championship game

  22. That trophy has meaning. To the alumni, to the players, to the coach.

  23. Any system that allows for a team to win every single game and not have a guarantee at a shot for a championship for the sport is not a playoff system. It's an invitational

  24. Which is why we're glad Cincinnati got in. Y'all did everything that was asked of you.

  25. Right? They could have had a fun segment where every coach of a two loss team in the country was given their chance to pitch. USC. Clemson. Bama. Tennessee. Penn State. Washington. Tulane.

  26. I hope we run a bubble first play and Georgia blows it up for a 45 yard loss that way maybe Ryan won’t run any more. If he runs one and gains yardage then lord help us all

  27. You're not running against Georgia. Kentucky tried it and got 6 pts the whole game.

  28. If the player is 100% healthy, I think it’s fair to expect them to play in a major bowl game. The risk of injury is no greater or less than a regular game and the fans spend a bunch of money going to the games, etc.

  29. Especially if they're not coming back the next year for sure.

  30. As long as you get back to the line of scrimmage, there's no downside in trying, right?

  31. Right, but if the other team is paying attention, you're much more likely to get tackled the second you try it.

  32. Fair enough, but it is worth saying the coaches were no smarter than the players generally

  33. counterpoint: the head coach of Georgia is named Kirby Smart

  34. That's a good point about talking to my doctor. I am by no means grossly obese, but still at a point where a doctor might see some value in prescribing something (which might hopefully be healthier than stimulants)

  35. The usual requirement for one of the prescription products is a BMI over 30, or risk factors for metabolic syndrome for a BMI below that (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)

  36. Not every day. It's 46F and pouring rain outside right now. My usual lunch time power walk had to get cancelled :|

  37. The fat tissue itself changes as well and becomes incredibly resistant to weight loss in obesity. The breakthrough reported the other day about an injection weirdly causing fat cells to revert to a healthier state is huge because of that.

  38. Is this a "vs High Dose"? Or just saying even a low dose has benefits?

  39. I think it's the latter. It's why some people continue to chug caffeine through the afternoon, while others just want one cup in the morning.

  40. Is it just me or did DJ always seem scared as hell once he became the full time starter? Like whenever I watched him he never looked confident or like someone having fun, just tight and stressed looking.

  41. Agreed. He played lights out when he was Trevor's backup, then regressed into Lead Foot DJ these last few seasons.

  42. Don't forget it is very hard to beat the same team twice in one year. Ask Auburn (2017) and Bama (2021).

  43. And TCU (2022) who beat KSU then lost to KSU....

  44. Dejected Alabama in the Sugar. Bet the house on KSU.

  45. OOof, I was there in 2019. Saw that exact scenario live against Texas.....

  46. No they hate it. Half of them think Kirby is the man actually responsible for the Bama dynasty. They’re unwilling to give Saban credit for taking him in as a young coach and developing him into what he is now. They think Kirby just came to saban ad a 29 year old finished product.

  47. Some of us Georgia fans respect that Saban is the GOAT and can only hope Kirby Smart achieves a fraction of that success one day.

  48. It's good to know there are some reasonable ones out there! If you go back to back this year Kirby will be well on his way.

  49. I'll be honest, the only reason I'm okay with Bama not being in the CFP is because it meant we escaped the Death Star for one year.

  50. Reminder that BMI is a useless scale that any researcher, doctor or reasonable person worth listening to does not use.

  51. It's useful across populations. It's useless as a determiner of an individual's health.

  52. And a ton of butter and salt. Mashed potatoes made of sour cream and garlic powder would probably be a lot healthier.

  53. Swap sour cream with unsweetened greek yogurt and now you're talking power foods.

  54. Michael's did custom frames for me years ago so not sure if they still do or not.

  55. They do, and they frequently have sales.

  56. I don't know what everyone is so upset about. It's been known for some time that industrial diamonds are only cheaper up to a certain size after which they get more expensive.

  57. Most consumers and industries don't want or need giant diamonds. Industry needs diamond dust for drills and files. For decorative jewelry, corundum (ruby and sapphire) is much cheaper to manufacture and almost as durable as diamonds.

  58. And big carets is not the goal of of many artificially grown diamonds, which will be used for industrial coatings. Chunks of diamond dust are quite valuable in their own right.

  59. That was for senior day 2020

  60. I actually really liked that jersey design, but having recently learned they wear the same jersey all year, I see it as their “lucky shirt” they wear for gameday, just like so many fans do

  61. The Gym Dawgs have the opposite tradition. They never wear the same leotard twice in the same season. (Or at least they didn't used to during the Yoculan years.) They were a superstitious lot back then.

  62. Yeah Georgia will probably wear a tried and true red top with silver britches. We usually do very good in our away whites, but we just did well in the home reds yesterday.

  63. Yea it’s not crazy. Michigan definitely should win and will probably pull away late, but this TCU team has some of that dog in them.

  64. Michigan has the better team. But TCU has ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD and I guess it will only work against a team once.

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