1. The song that is in the background of their proposal video is “unconditional” by Richard Walters

  2. Hayley: Kristy, Emma, Britt, maybe Julianne and maybe friends from Kansas. Derek: mark, Sasha, mark his trainer and I have no idea who else.

  3. I also think it depends on which side their sibling/siblings are in. Since Derek has 4 sisters and Hayley only has 1 brother.

  4. Wow Derek is dancing w someone else now? I was about to scroll thinking it was hailey till I read the caption post lol what was this dancing for? An event? Omgsh I know y it wasn’t hailey, bc she “hurt her shoulder” lol

  5. No, this is from his solo tour back in 2019 where Daniella was the female lead of that tour.

  6. I fell into a rabbit hole of Nastia and Shawn dances. Then his tour popped up. Who knew Derek and Dani danced together?! They’re so good!

  7. She was the female lead dancer for his 2019 solo tour. And did his ‘natural’ concept video prior to tour as well.

  8. It’s a concept video he did with Daniella & Katerina Fedosova:

  9. That’s basically it. They did perform on ‘LIVE with Kelly & Ryan’ to promote his tour. But I think that’s about it.

  10. To be fair, I didn’t think Jojo should’ve been on the season either. I was really happy for the same sex pairing - but also thought it was unfair to have her on with her background.

  11. “Ice dance is a discipline of figure skating that draws from ballroom dancing. So instead of acrobatics, ice dancers focus on creating footwork and body movements that express dance on ice”.

  12. The D’Amelio show is on Disney+ Canada too. Basically if you aren’t in the US, there’s a good chance it’s on Disney+ for you

  13. Thank you! I didn’t know it was available in Canada as well.

  14. I know Derek had been throwing her name out there for a long time, but she said she already knew prior to doing the special with Derek that she was doing the show. She answers that question in this interview:

  15. Ouuuu okay. So that means it would’ve been around the new year/a couple months in that she got the offer.

  16. I think it depends on the celebrity, as some are very last minute casting. But I’ll assume that with someone like Charli they’ll start reaching out as soon as possible since she can get busy really quickly.

  17. Like it was mentioned with Gleb, I don’t think Mark’s paso is eligible unless he submits it along with the co-choreographer, Elena Krifuks. I think it depends on if she was paid by Mark or Disney+ and if they did 50/50 in choreography. I think the contemporary, jazz and freestyle are still his best chances at the nomination & win.

  18. He didn’t choreograph the paso?!

  19. I’m sure he had a huge role in choreographing the paso, but had Elena help him. Elena posted a instagram story of the paso and wrote “guess who helped with choreographing and the process of the best paso doble dancing with the stars ever had?”.

  20. Can they PLEASE just once do a contemporary dance together? I know that high intensity fast paced latin/ballroom is Derek's specialty and despite minimal training, Hayley is clearly amazing as well, but i would love for her to finally get to shine doing the type of dance tat she was trained in.

  21. Based on the song I definitely think they are dancing a contemporary dance

  22. I would rather see the semi-finalists do their freestyles just for fun. Maybe even let Cheryl do a final dance with some past partners for a send-off.

  23. https://m.facebook.com/fantasy_games/dancingwiththestars

  24. Val unfollowed her because she didn’t post about Ukraine when he was pleading for his colleagues’ support on IG.

  25. Yes, but they seem to be fine now, yet he still hasn’t followed her back.

  26. No, but then why is Derek required to follow Dani? Maybe they just aren’t close? Dani isn’t the only pro he doesn’t follow. He’s worked with other pros way longer than Dani and still doesn’t follow them either even if they are on good terms/friends such as Val.

  27. Artem just tweeted the same thing so I assume we only have 2 mins after the performance to vote for that specific couple

  28. Yes I just saw that! either Heidi and Charli are going back to back so the the voting info is very similar. Or we only get 2 minutes to vote after each couple dances but that seems like a disadvantage for couples that go towards the beginning of the show. If voting starts right as the show starts and voting ends 2 minutes after each performance, the couples towards the end get more time since their voting info is open longer. I’m assuming it’s a misunderstanding but idk.

  29. D23 will be live-streamed. The link to the scheduled livestream events doesn’t have Dwts listed under Sunday 6-7 tho so idk if they will be showing their panel. But keep checking this link to see if maybe they will be added.

  30. Kristyn responded to a comment and said “no Keo this season”

  31. On Ticketmaster and on his tour website. All his shows that are listed vary in start time between 6-8 pm. But the October 17 one says 7pm.

  32. I don't see why that would count against him. If live taping for DWTS starts at 5PM and the shows last two hours, with the 10-minute distance between CBS Studios and the venue, I don't see why he couldn't just rush out of the show and get to the venue at least a few minutes late. If Normani could do the first few weeks of her season while touring with Fifth Harmony in Asia, Joshua has no excuse.

  33. I agree. I made another comment saying that I think there is a possibility he could make it work since it’s just one show. As long as other shows that haven’t been rescheduled don’t conflict with the Dwts schedule, I can see it happening.

  34. Most likely Cheryl. She posted a happy birthday post for Kym and on the last slide you can see Kym wearing this pink outfit and Cheryl wearing a long black dress.

  35. Yes. Kristyn Burtt said there was a recent Dwts audition and that they were looking for new female and male pros.

  36. But with that logic dancers like Kiki, Paul and Brittany, would never be able to be part of the show because they were never pros and have been “too far removed from the show”.

  37. Based on the promo I’m predicting:

  38. Last Friday, Brittany Cherry posted about having a big audition and she was with Paul karmiryan. Stephani Sosa also posted about an audition on that same day. So, I’m guessing all three probably auditioned for Dwts.

  39. she just showed an outfit for leo on her stories and said “might wear this to brandons wedding tomorrow!” i hope he’s okay with her posting that 😭

  40. She deleted that story, so maybe not😭

  41. They followed Stephani during last season while she was dancing in a few of the performances. The Koko follow is new tho, and I can definitely see her being added as a pro.

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