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When laughter meets percussion

  1. Been playing Return to Monkey Island too. The interface and general gameplay is way more accessible than previous entries. I’m a big fan.

  2. Also in the tutorial part of the game one kid says “Let me be frank” during a hot dog cutlass fight. Perfect Doughboys game.

  3. Thanks! Had to set my VPN to New Zealand to view it :)

  4. Infringing on Sloppy Boys territory. Dutton will be pissed.

  5. Sloppy Boys went to Arby’s last week for the Blowout. Seems we have a real showdown brewing.

  6. If the Deli Boys get involved it could be WW III

  7. anyone watch the show Reboot? whatcha think?

  8. Really like it. Its a great satire of showbiz culture and excellent casting.

  9. Jeremy is handsome but has nothing on the embodiment of pure masculine physicality that is Greg Davies.

  10. Mitchell and Webb on together and paired as a team for the team tasks would be wild. Also a little too famous but Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry would be great to see.

  11. This really makes me wish The Sloppy Boys would get offfa their asses and get Mitch on the pod to show them how to do a lineup.

  12. Not a panel show but Graham Norton is also back on Friday.

  13. What does this mean for Wendy's ice cream shops? I'm hoping for a Burger King/Hungry Jack's situation...

  14. David showing up in the latest series painted to blend into the wallpaper was amazing.

  15. Is the Hugh Grant thing a new bit? Scott loves it.

  16. The sheer amount of time it must have taken to make that list is crazy. I do agree that the give Paul money task should have had a twist akin to the "Make yourself a friend" which was an amazing saga (make the friend, introduce them, knock off the apple, hide the body, and finally Chris bringing in his friend for the final prize task).

  17. It’s great for when you’re hungry and want to eat 1000 of something.

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