are the Muricans ok

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  1. And he was wrong for it. The movie made it clear he was in the wrong for killing criminals. Keaton’s Batman was celebrated for it.

  2. Batfleck killing criminals after losing Robin sounds like an interesting idea because we've never had a Batman that "Never came back". Here's the funny thing, it was never actually confirmed that he had a no-kill rule to begin with. Also if you're going to introduce a Batman who murders people with barely any explanation or buildup, then maybe you shouldn't handle the character.

  3. Personally I think they should have had a Batman movie before BvS. Something to show his descent into darkness. And the after credits scene could have been the scene of him in metropolis during the Superman vs Zod fight we saw in BvS.

  4. I think Jason doxxed himself with that pic of him in the batcave.

  5. Because they have the best chemistry in the show. Better edit this to explain I’m joking before someone gets their panties in a twist.

  6. How do we know he’s not in all the posters and covers just under the frame

  7. I’ll never in my life understand how gay and black people could ever be republicans.

  8. Jaune: “Hey… uh… Weiss, I’ve noticed you’ve been staring at me a lot…”

  9. always down for our Greek Goddesses Diana and Donna to be sporting some melanin!

  10. Makes sense that they would since they lived on a tropical island.

  11. The way the camera was focusing on her face, I was waiting for the bukakke. 😂

  12. Missing a few members. Villetta, Milly, Shirley and Rolo.

  13. Has anyone watched the movie? Why did it get rated NC-17?

  14. Lots of nudity, sexual content, drug use, sexual abuse, domestic violence... its a pretty dark movie as the rating seems right

  15. Why am I getting down voted for asking a question? The fuck is wrong with asking?

  16. My Lock Screen has too people on it. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

  17. Call her the best girl and the first thing you mention is her tits. Typical horny post.

  18. You know I didn’t even realize she had big ones until I saw her in that low cut dress.

  19. I thought this was a Melissa appreciation group. Not a group to post stuff like this.

  20. This photo disgusts me. It's so disrespectful and demeaning her as a person.

  21. Apparently you and I are the only ones who think so. Considering I was down voted for my comment.

  22. Forgot to add some racial slurs too. They love doing that as well.

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