1. And there you have it. May God have mercy on your soul.

  2. Ye, we all know you’ve had a rough go lately. It’s okay to be wrong and it’s okay to disagree. You really need to figure out if your the type of person who can extrapolate from incomplete data.

  3. I mean, they do detailed reporting about the goings on at City Hall more than any even Austin-based online news source I know of, would you agree?

  4. To be fair a bunch of unarmed idiots had no problem storming the capitol

  5. They were armed. Some even convicted for weapons charges.

  6. If you look up copycat recipes online, it's basically Frank's with spices and apricot jam.

  7. There were a couple of hundred Nazi sympathizers in the Azov volunteer militia. They went under the control of Ukrainian military in 2014 when Russia began invading southern Ukraine. That's it.

  8. The city tried to defund the police. The state stepped in and reversed the city, giving them even more funding. This made it clear to everyone involved that the police do not answer to the people of Austin but to the state government. It no longer matters what we think about them, so there's no point in protecting us.

  9. Did you read that before posting? It lists 21 jobs more dangerous than police officer.

  10. this comment is insane. She’s directly related to a former presidential candidate, current Gov and millionaire. That’s the definition of privilege.

  11. Then why do we specify visible light instead of just calling it light?

  12. Because we can't see all light, like UV and infrared.

  13. You mean eliminate mail-in votes? So screw the immobile people or people out of town?

  14. I wouldn’t say I’m falling for it since I believe it to be true. It’s not like anybody is tricking me. It’s my opinion based on my experience.

  15. On your experience with drag performers? In a library reading books?

  16. Yes, I have seen drag shows and known people that do drag. Wasn’t entertaining for me, but to each their own. I don’t like drag queens in the same way I don’t like circus clowns or WWE smack down wrestlers. It’s just entertainment that I’m not into.

  17. So you don't have a problem with them reading books to kids?

  18. I was curious about how this all started.

  19. I wouldn't doubt that Putin shit himself at least just a little bit when the heavy NATO artillery really started arriving in Ukraine this summer:

  20. I like Blacks because they sell a green side that makes me feel better about eating the rest of the plate.

  21. Creamed spinach needs to make a come back. Love Smoking Beauty's creamed spinach.

  22. I wouldn’t ordinarily order anything on this platter as I usually just go balls deep into some brisket and potato salad.. but I gotta say this looks phenomenal

  23. Same!! Every small business owner I know rents. During the pandemic one of my favorites, who’d been renting her space for at least 20 years, was forced out by the landlords raising rent during such an awful time. I’m about to be a small business owner myself and will have to rent space. My partner works in civil engineering too, it definitely doesn’t make you an expect on small business ownership. You can’t make that claim without offering stats and resources because no one company works with every demographic, business type, etc so no one person can make that claim with certainty. You can only speak from personal experience, rendering it an educated opinion at best. My personal experiences is that Most small business owners I know rent. It’s something special to actually be able to purchase your business’s building.

  24. That user saying most businesses affected here own the land is absolutely making shit up. There's no way.

  25. I worked many years at a civil engineering firm that dealt with expansions such as this. All property owners are bought out at above current market values, and you can, at no charge to you, dispute it or negotiate a counter offer and if the counter offer isn't unreasonable they typically grant it to you, because it's actually cheaper to give someone the 10-20% more they're asking for than to have the state use tax dollars and resources to build the case to present to a judge and jury, which takes months per single individual.

  26. And what about the majority of businesses that don't own the land they're on? Landlord gets a check and the business owners are forced to scramble to try to find a new location if that's even feasible.

  27. The other drag story readings? What do you possibly imagine you would see that would upset you?

  28. Al they had to do was throw in a tiny little amount of mozzarella and they could say "mozzarella cheese blend".

  29. Because the butterfly center dared talk about how a border wall could negatively affect butterfly migration. Srsly.

  30. Not intention of hate, I’m from out of state. What is the deal with Big Red? I saw someone in H-E-B the other day with a cart full of it. I’ve never tried it and honestly curious about it.

  31. The two extreme positions in legislation to dissolve the Texas Plumbers Board are: yes and no. Extreme doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  32. Not dissolving the Texas Plumbers Board and leaving things just as they are is not "extreme" in any way.

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