1. I wish you people quit putting minus votes on my posts, brynley did ruin it for Lindsey it wasn’t her place to tell people but I wish you people quit putting minus votes on my posts?! WHY DON’T YOU GROW UP?!

  2. Because your acting like a fucking lunatic over a name… Lindsay has wayyy more followers than brynley I doubt the majority of her followers even saw that her sis accidentally spoiled the name.

  3. Exactly! I hope those that follow her and will be having a csection soon or in the near future don't get fooled by this! It really is not that easy!! It is highly recommended to get plenty of rest after a major surgery like that!! I really wish Lindsay can be a bit more real at times.

  4. This post just screams jealousy and bitterness. everyone recovers from a C-section differently. Just because she isn’t she was bed ridden like you were doesn’t mean that She isn’t taking it easy. It’s driving… you don’t know what she does at home remedy wise to make sure she’s ok.

  5. Of course but having your kid rear-facing until they’re in elementary school is pretty extreme lmao

  6. There was a girl I knew in middle school that was in a booster seat until she was 12-13😭 I know parents are trying to be safe but at that I was just looking at her like 🤨

  7. Oh I know that sub can get nitpicky and I know that they can get mom shamed a lot. But my god some of the stuff they do with their kids is just insane. It’s even more disheartening for Brynley who’s a nurse and should know better.

  8. These comments were not in her DM’s. In her own words she said a fan sent her the link. So clearly people weren’t telling her anything, they kept it to the Reddit thread

  9. I’m saying in general people are always in her DM’s snarking her. There have been multiple times were she has screenshotted messages on her Insta about her mothering tactics for the pettiest stuff.

  10. Some of these men are doing too much cause why am I seeing “🌹20” in their Insta bios already 😭

  11. She’s lowkey a loser for trying to be an influencer/social climb every route imaginable. Her mom is a prominent figure and she’s a type of nepo baby/has the resources to take so many paths (i.e work in high fashion around the world) and she chooses to be an influencer and promote Amazon two piece sets. I’m also not shaming influencing! I just feel like when you have the option to be ANYTHING, shoot higher, no?

  12. She literally went on the while she was still in university and tried to convince America that she was ready to marry a 28 year old man. I do not understand how people take this girl seriously.

  13. Clove from the first book. Especially when I watched the movie my irritation for her free even more

  14. Jordan V doesn’t get enough hype that man is soooo fine🤤

  15. I find it so ironic that chrishell was bashing Nicole on something she allegedly did YEARS ago at a bachelorette party meanwhile she was getting all triggered when Nicole accused her of this whole listing drama with Jason that also happened YEARS ago as well.

  16. I don’t think it’s fair that some pros get to know if they are coming back early while others are still left out wondering if they will be returning.

  17. If Daniel wasn’t paired with Britt the results of this poll would’ve been WAYYY more different lmao

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  19. Everyone agrees that what she said is horribly obscene, but right now she's facing being socially shunned from the whole university who recognizes her now, economically shunned from future job prospects, and likely will face extreme academic pressure from teachers and classmates in her classes. If she wants to even have a chance at life, she'll need to change her name at minimum.

  20. Socially shunned my ass. This university has basically let her off the hook, by not giving her any consequences and I have seen many comments under this sub Reddit and other social media platforms defending her actions. I have seen nothing but a bunch of gaslighting from people all week about how Black people are once again, being overdramatic ,protesting about this issue, and even making a petition to get her expelled from the University. to be honest, I don’t even think this issue has not reached enough national spotlight for her to even face the hardship you mentioned to the point where she might have to change her name. Like many people are aware of this issue, but does EVERYONE know about it? I don’t think so.

  21. Everyone I've talked to is aware of her, and when you look at UW Madison news on Google, that girl is the only thing that pops up. (Along with that art professor exposing herself)

  22. Yeah, but all those news outlets that have reported on the issue are more local. They’re all either university newspaper sites or news stations based in the state. If it was reported on CNN, NBC, other big news networks (hell even FOX atp) I think the consequences for she would experience after college would be more severe.

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  24. Damn there’s 4 people from my high school that made this list 😭 I’ll never hear the end of it from my parents

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  26. To this day I still don’t know what he sees in her

  27. Y’all wanna blame this man for everything… he just invited her for an interview one time and now people are assuming he’s telling her ways to give for relationship advice on her platform??! Has it ever occurred to you guys that maybe she just wanted to do this herself lol

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