2. Old Hunters is the best DLC in the entirety of Fromsoft

  3. Some yordles sound great for a fighting game. Kled for sure, but also Gnar, Rumble, Poppy, Heimer and maybe even Ziggs

  4. Yeah, if we don't limit ourselves to League's representation of Heimer, in a fighting game he could create many different things. Towers for certain, but also automatons, drones too, maybe even use that T-Rex he has on Legends of Runterra. He could also use that giant metal arm he pulls out of his hair.

  5. Nah they're weak in the great scheme of things. Particularly Gherman

  6. Lore wise? Idk that scarlet aeonia kinda cheating. The only one I imagine surpassing that is Radahn for now.

  7. I hope they go with the DNF Duel route and there are no shoto/standard/balanced character by design lol

  8. First of all decades is wild lmao Riot out of their depth on that one.

  9. As a huge Asol enthusiast, I don't think he can be scaled and still mantain some kind of "realism". Also movements for him would be weird (dash, jump, etc). But hey if they make him work I'm all for it! He has an insanely cool concept and his personality is top tier.

  10. There are probably workarounds for those issues, for instance the scale of characters as in size is already not canon in League yet they are in the game anyways. For the jump mechanics, some characters might lift up into the air (asol) while others like skarner could have a limited jump, similar to potemkin in Guilty Gear. And that's just a suggestion because it all depends on how unique they're willing to make each character.

  11. I prefer a fuckton of well thought characters like in smash. Where you have more than 60 unique characters. If it were up to me SF6 would release with every character ever created for SF and THEN new characters would be added as DLC

  12. Yeah the king of the river is not on the river often enough

  13. Maybe try trundle, voli and udyr before lillia

  14. What does 200 years mean? I hear it all the time

  15. Would say high. They knos arcsys is good at retroactively implementing it and they're seeing other companies doing it, even for 'dead' games such as samsho.

  16. Idk man i love bloodborne. Oh? This the elden ring subreddit? Awesome game fellas. Play bloodborne if you havent

  17. Yeah my main game is strive and I work a couple more in. I’ve tried DBZ but I don’t like team fighters as much. I don’t take enough time to get really good at the dynamics of team based games

  18. Well since you just got a baby I assume you wont have much time anyways so dbfz is perfect for casual fun. I definetely like samsho better. Specially because if i jump to play dbfz online people will constantly kick my ass

  19. I just somehow missed samsho and I’m obsessed w samurais and Japan haha. Not really an anime guy either, so DBZ doesn’t speak to me as much. It’s a great game though, just not for me

  20. Then samsho is absolutely perfect. It's slower pace gameplay is what I like the most and every character is different. My advise is to buy all the dlc characters if posible.

  21. Not a main at all here, but today i had very good results with either kraken or inmortal shieldbow first item. Shieldbow when the enemy team doesn't have bruisers/tanks, but does have high damage dealers. It worked like a charm. I'm low elo aswell

  22. I feel you fellow amphibian. TK has such style and neat visual design that I want a figure aswell. I hope he shows up on Project L so he gets more people playing him and thus, more chances of getting such figures

  23. Lillia maybe? She's a skirmisher and not even that bad in early as people say

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