1. My ex and I were once referred to as breeders by a lesbian friend in a pub once. It crops up every so often I think.

  2. It’s been gay slang for decades tbf, meaning straight people.

  3. Out of the men mentioned in this article Henry Golding...so hot and a great actor. How about Cilian Murphy? At least get him in there as a crazy villain

  4. Cilian can't do it as he is not British.

  5. why is it so sacrilege to have a non-brit Bond when Brits have basically been given free reign to play whoever they want

  6. I think it's just one of those tradition things, and no one wants a poor RP accent from another country. That mixed with the fact that Bond is essentially a British stereotype, in regards to his suave etc. Most British characters can be played by anyone, its just this one that's different.

  7. Ooof , do you train in Stockholm by any chance ? Im paranoid that i could be that guy

  8. Yeah I have actually. He asked me to roll and without any fist bump or warning, he tackled me and slammed me on the ground. Gave me a little concussion and knocked the breath out of me. He started laughing at me after he did that.

  9. Who should they vote for? Theres no party that really has their best interest.

  10. Lib Dems is quite hot on trans rights, but a lot of their stuff just gets swept under the rug and not many people know about it.

  11. As someone living in a rural area who can't find a place to live because of fucking air bnbs/second homes please use hotels here too.

  12. Yeah, agreed. I never use AirBnB due to ethics reasons. They should be banned.

  13. The pretty coastal town down the road is something insane like 80% second homes and 10% air bnbs, the remaining 10% are people who retired to their second homes, or the very small number of actual locals who are usually about 140 years old and stubborn as fuck.

  14. The county next to me is one of the prettiest places in the whole of Britain, and it’s now pretty much all second homes and AirBnB. The locals are a national minority with a dying culture and language and this is just increasing the process rapidly. This culture has existed for at least 1000 years and now it’s almost dead. It’s so sad.

  15. The slurs make me so f-ing angry.

  16. Do you think she effectively utilized girl power by funneling money into illegal paramilitary death squads in Northern Ireland?

  17. No, because that never happened. It’s just meme information repeated over and over again.

  18. I live across from a memorial. Would they be happy if I gave it to them?

  19. No harm in asking, say it was a fake you bought.

  20. Cool but I don’t feel remotely Celtic. I feel. British and Devonian but not Celtic at all so I agree with all your points but not your conclusion

  21. I don’t think many people feel ‘Celtic’ as a part of their nationality in the Celtic nations themselves though?

  22. Cool, I speak English and 3 of my grandparents came from outside Devon. I do feel Devonian but it’s not something celtic or separate from my Britishness. I think feeling any celtic sympathy is quite niche

  23. I think feeling Celticness is a very… American thing. As a sort of catch all term for their ethnicity, rather than people from the actual Celtic nations.

  24. Btw, this is domineering behaviour, and should be discouraged, especially by such an aggressive breed like a pitbull. It’s the dog trying to get higher than your dad to establish him at the top of the pecking order.

  25. This memorial is the Canada Memorial, which is in London, and was placed to remember the 1 million Canadians killed in WW1 and WW2. It is in London, and recognises the participation Canada had supporting and alongside the UK. The Canadian Government funds it’s upkeep.

  26. Good effort. Languages should have their own flags tbh

  27. Sorry about the idiot in the corner, I couldn’t find any better version.

  28. Sorry about the idiot in the corner, I couldn’t find any better version.

  29. You’ll also notice the punchee is grasping at nothing on the ground - that’s the sign of a serious concussion.

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