1. Interesting take... have you read Julia Fox's book? I know I'm just proving your point about push for Jane's image rehab, but still. Fox posits that Jane was in too deep before she fully understood what Katherine Howard was up to (carrying notes meant for Culpepper prior to any private meeting arrangement), and extricating herself would have been difficult if not impossible. If she was already implicated, maybe helping to conceal the affair was the best she could do to protect herself and those involved. I totally agree that it seems strange to have gone through what she did with Anne and George, and still have an appetite for scandal.

  2. I’m pretty sure she encouraged the notes though? Both Howard and Culpepper spoke in their confessions that she had orchestrated and encouraged the meetings, and whilst you could argue that they were trying to shift the blame - they both knew they were already dead anyways and their stories lined up pretty perfectly compared to Rochford’s.

  3. She admitted it in the interrogations. Funnily enough, what she admitted to was more than what Culpepper and Howard admitted to. Definitely weird as they didn’t have any reason to lie (they were already dead anyway) and their stories actually lined up, whereas Rochford’s didn’t.

  4. These kinds of polls show just how much the Lib Dem’s have fucked it. Honestly, what are they for anymore?

  5. Once tactical voting comes into play, I bet these will be more likely to be LD seats.

  6. Because there’s been scandal after scandal of SA and SH onboard. Google ‘Royal Navy submarines sexual assault’ and they’ll be quite a few articles. It’s also still much more male dominated than surface fleet.

  7. Presenting the issue that way is a little misleading. If the question were framed as what is your long term preference - partition or reunification, the majority in NI would say reunification. If the referendum were tomorrow, its not so straightforward. Because there is so much groundwork to be done in advance which hasn't even started yet.

  8. “the majority in NI would say reunification.”

  9. Unionist are not the majority though they are a minority now only 40% vote unionist

  10. Census 2021 says otherwise. Twice as many British as Irish in the census.

  11. I don't think many Normans actually made it across the channel. They were just the ruling class. By now, that is so diluted, you're probably homeopathic trace amounts Norman.

  12. There was actually a dna study released about this on ancient graveyards a couple of months ago. Essentially much more French had come over than originally thought, in some places 25% of the population! Bearing in mind that a lot of English were murdered, of course.

  13. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-022-05247-2

  14. The polling for Irish unification is actually quite interesting. The very large Irish Times Poll that was done recently showed really unexpected results.

  15. What I find really interesting is that from a poll in February, 32% of GB respondents said they would "support" Irish reunification. Which is higher than the 26% of people in Northern Ireland who said the same in the poll you've cited.

  16. Yes, definitely interesting. Possibly due to high levels of Irish immigration to the UK, especially places like Liverpool and Glasgow. Probably also on moral levels.

  17. Partly because the ancient Dumnonii ruled over the Cornovii

  18. That’s not true. There was 4 royal families of Dumnonia and only one was in Devon (in Exeter), most were in East Cornwall. And, the Cornovii didn’t actually exist in the SW, but in the midlands.

  19. I must have come a cropper with my sources then, reading incorrect material which i have may formed an opinion from, consider it retracted

  20. Yeah, it was proposed by a Cornish historian a few years ago, but others haven’t agreed with it and it’s considered debunked now.

  21. No one has a right to your labor or your business, especially not for free.

  22. It’s not for free, the government is refunding them.

  23. Very interesting, can anybody from these countries explain further on the history or belief? And how widespread these views are?

  24. Pretty sure maps of England in this era showed Cornwall (either modern borders or including Devon) as separate from England.

  25. Not this late. Cornwall was firmly annexed to England by the time of Edward the Confessor, before the Norman conquest.

  26. I think it was definitely by some accounts, but I’m certain there’s maps of England up until the Tudor Era that show Cornwall as separate, and some showed Cornwall included Devon. And the history of ‘England, Wales, Cornwall and Ireland’ that was created in Henry VIII’s reign. I guess it might have been disputed, or there was perhaps a difference in cultural and political mapping.

  27. What's the difference between the traditional Janner accent, Devonian accent and Cornish accent?

  28. Janner is more of a mix of East Cornwall and SW Devon. Janners overwhelmingly have Cornish heritage - after the mines closed loads of Cornish came to Plymouth to find work.

  29. Thanks, just intrigued at what kind of differences they'd make with sounds (e.g. Rs or words like "task").

  30. would have thought Cornish would have been the second most spoken language in Cornwall, interesting that Polish is so dominant over the UK

  31. Unfortunately not, though it’s experiencing a relatively successful revival (all things considered).

  32. Barely anyone speaks Cornish. According to the census there were 471 people who said it was their main language. That works out to about 0.08% of Cornwall's population.

  33. It was revived in the early 19th century, not relatively recently.

  34. Don’t know why you’re being downvoted, I’m pretty sure you’re agreeing that this is a despicable idea.

  35. There’s a difference between being morally right on a topic and understanding any sort of foreign or diplomatic relations.

  36. Hamas and the IRA are terrorist bastards. There’s no excusing his actions and words regarding them. Either way, that’s not what is being talked about at all, it’s a random point.

  37. Interesting map showing the last general election in the whole of Ireland before the creation of the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland.

  38. Not entirely accurate. That Unionist area in the North is North Fermanagh, currently part of Northern Ireland. The only area in the current Republic of Ireland to vote unionist was Trinity College.

  39. Ah, my mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  40. I keep up to date with things that matter. Actual news; security and international news etc. International relations focused sources or channels are quite good. Choosing actual news sources and following important stuff is very useful. So is expanding your mind - I don't like to even begin to form an opinion without a decent level of research (academic research - journals, books etc, not social media). Social media just wants clicks.

  41. Interesting map showing the last general election in Ireland before the creation of the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland.

  42. I think they’re so interesting because for a small period of history they actually have quite a lot of power compared to other eras of women. Obviously it was nothing compared to the men - they were still property. But previously women had less influence, and then it went backwards again in women’s rights afterwards.

  43. Didn’t you know that communist countries were pro-queer? /s

  44. Terrible advice, how do you expect him to get hold and translate that as a young civvy?

  45. Look up jsp950, has all the details in there.

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