1. I’m signed up for this and getting my box soon but I’m so nervous about accidentally wasting fabric. Any tips to help with not making mistakes and having to buy more fabric for the trees?

  2. If I remember correctly, you will get extra print fabric too. A few times I did make a mistake and just put a different print than what was shown. Who cares? OH! I just remembered my best tip. When u get your box, set aside time to cut out each paper template and two white rectangles and one of print and clip all of those together. I laid all my clipped bundles on a large, flat piece of cardboard (so I could move it out of the way when needed) in order of how they should be worked on. Then, when u start sewing, it's more streamlined. Make sense?

  3. Yes! Thanks! I also just noticed a video I had access too and cutting the fabric is addressed in there as well so I feel better!

  4. 😍😍 How much are these lucky bags? Like aren’t they doing a deal tomorrow for these?

  5. I believe they all sold out last month. I got the regular sized bag which was $70.

  6. I just made an audible “squeee” and my husband said, “we’re not getting a collie puppy.” Lol. He knows me too well.

  7. He’s totes adorbs and deserves ALL the kisses

  8. So this was a very long time ago, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth when we were considering collie breeders. Back in 2014ish, they shut down temporarily after having intentionally bred Merle to Merle and then using that dog as a stud dog. The poor thing wound up blind and deaf. Google search Wyndlair Avalanche "Aiden."

  9. Wow. I didn’t know that. I got my collie from them in 2010 before that came out. It’s disappointing but my dog from them was a perfectly healthy collie.

  10. My last collie was a Wyndlair collie, the breeders are Matt and Anita Stetler and they are very well known in the collie world. They take great care in breeding healthy dogs and do all the genetic testing and eye checks on their puppies. My collie was a wonderful and healthy dog and I do recommend them. My girl was an absolutely stunning blue merle.

  11. I want to say in these photos he was about 8 weeks old. When we pick him up he will be 10 weeks.

  12. I know! Holly was 60-65lbs and I think this dude is gonna be a big boy 😂

  13. “turning sharply, and dropping suddenly”

  14. I am so sorry. My girl holly the collie was waiting for him to play.

  15. My collie broke her leg when she was a puppy. Just lots of rest and slow walks. She healed up just fine.

  16. My rough blue Merle girl ALWAYS loved the snow ❤️ she’d just lay in it happily.

  17. If you didn’t walk 12 miles in one day did you even go?

  18. Ok cool mom, we see you and you look adorable!! I hope your daughter had fun today! 💗💗

  19. Wunder Trains and Base Pace are my favorite for anything more intense than yoga. But I’d have to say I love Wunder Trains the most though I find they attract a lot of lint and pet hair if that matters to you.

  20. I was in the same situation sans kid yesterday! Husband is deployed and family is on the opposite side of the country. I hope your chill Thanksgiving was lovely 😊

  21. It was a relaxing day! I hope yours was great as well and I hope your husband will be home in time for the holidays!

  22. Unfortunately mine wont be here until early in the New Year, but we’re planning a massive fun day to make up for all the missed holidays. Glad to hear your day was relaxing!

  23. Bummer! Mine missed the entire holiday season last year but he’ll be home just in time for Christmas this year. I hope your makeup celebration is epic!

  24. I got 23” aligns, a swiftly tank, and a 1/2 zip scuba for a grand total of $190 😂 The scuba was not on sale but I’ve been coveting the peony pink.

  25. Finally a restock in my size of the pocc in red merlot and it was delivered this weekend. I love this color so much.

  26. My daughter and I have had believe keys since the first went on sale but we never bought one for my husband cause he was deploying with the navy for 6 month. Then when he came home new keys weren’t being sold 😣

  27. Congrats! If for some reason it ever happens again use those “Salute” tickets from ITT. They are a great deal. And are a set price so they won’t fluctuate along with the Disney tier pricing system. There are other good being it’s too just to much to type.

  28. That’s exactly what we did whenever we went to the parks. Just bought 3 day or 4 day salute tickets. A better deal than regular tickets but I’m glad we’ve all got our keys now 😊

  29. Meh. Return. I’m glad I didn’t buy it after seeing this picture.

  30. Where do I find the Tuesday drop? Or even can someone tell me what it is?

  31. Lulu tends to do a drop of new products around the same time on Tuesday (2:15 ET) each week. The items just show up on the website. There’s tricks to find items, but I think most people search for colors/items that they’re hoping to see.

  32. Do they restock sold out items? I wanted the oversized crewneck sweatshirt

  33. When snow chains are required do you have to have them on all 4 tires or just the two connected to your drive axle?

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