1. Let us know what you find. I tried every enhanced bulb in our 06 and 11 Hondas and they all lasted exactly 12 months for me with using headlights for 45 minutes a day 5 days a week. I went back to standard longer life ones. But, I am now trying Bosch Gigalight Plus 120 to see how they do.

  2. That is my concern with my intial research. Everyone says the brighter bulbs don't last very long. Which makes sense to a certain point, as they burn brighter/hotter. I am hoping there is something out there that will strike a balance between better lighting and decent lifespan.

  3. Yes, I use a very simple app for score tracking. I just keep track of games, not frame-by-frame details. Helps me keep track of average, and how many games I've bowled with my ball so I know when to deep clean it.

  4. The smell mellows out after awhile. I have not gotten the increase in strikes with this ball that I was hoping for, but I've gotten a much higher percentage of spare leaves that are considered makeable. So, my overall average has gone from a 152 to a 165 and I'm getting a lot more 500+ series.

  5. Another year of watching his brother make a deep playoff run.

  6. Way back in the day when I bowled leagues I had a 268. The best/worst part of that 268 was that I actually bowled 12 strikes in a row in league play. I struck the last 4 shots in the first game, then hit the first 8 in a row in the 268 game.

  7. You can't get a refund from the ebay seller because lanes/equipment at a bowling alley damaged your ball. You took it out of the box and used it. The seller's only responsibility was to get you the ball (as described in the listing) delivered to your door.

  8. Slight possibility it is Rich Bisaccia. If he signed it in a hurry (say walking to/from practice field, struggled with the curve of the helmet and/or the Sharpie was running out of ink). I don't think it is his, but the few examples of his autograph I've seen are a little inconsistent, so it is possible.

  9. If you're using one lane, you are relying on the pin setter and ball return to be consistent, which in my experience they are not.

  10. DCA large amounts each month for the rest of the year. If there is a nice dip one month, increase that month's deposit.

  11. I have mostly positive feelings about this ball. It was my second ball in my arsenal since returning to bowling.

  12. Probably depends on how many balls you travel with and how many accessories you pack (towel, tape, shoes, wrist guard, rosin bag, ball cleaner,, etc).

  13. As a PAC12 fan, I've seen a good bit of him since he's been around forever (in the context ofcollege football).

  14. Yep, bought a one ball Brunswick bag from there in the early 2000's.

  15. Because adding color pigment into something that is molded is different than spray painting a body panel.

  16. Part of the problem, yes. When it came down to his execution on plays, he missed too many throws or was oblivious to the potential to run for good yardage.

  17. It's basically done. Get a new ball.

  18. Time for a new ball, this one is done.

  19. Ever heard of MO? This is my next buy. 8% yield. It’s on my dividend champions list too. Years of solid payouts

  20. Yes I have some MO and will be adding more.

  21. I'd actually start with your approach. Timing just looks off to me for 4 steps (can't say for certain, as I don't bowl 2H).

  22. The house I primarily bowl at oils an hour less before the evening leagues start. And they do not let open bowlers on those lanes once the oiling has started.

  23. Yep, ordered some stuff from them last year. No problems, everything went smooth.

  24. Your release is not causing chips in the fingertip grips. Something in the pit, ball return or gutter would cause that. The only way your release could have an impact on grip chips like that is if you throw it in the gutter a lot.

  25. Dang, that sucks yet that is awesome.

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