1. This is awesome, I’m so happy for you, lol.

  2. Pro tip: many people complain about their birds not eating layer pellets, so add warm water. I do about a 1:1 ratio, your feed will double in size and turn to mush.

  3. I talked to the owner of our local feed store, he mentioned that a lot of people have problems getting their birds to eat the pellets. So I got crumble feed instead, which is what they’re used to already, so far so good! But thank you, I’ll definitely keep that in mind if they start being a little finicky.

  4. Put on a camisole... I wanna see em tonight!

  5. I think about this constantly.

  6. Toms run is great after they stock but don't even think about going on the first day. Cather's Run is also slept on, it rarely disappoints.

  7. Cather’s is my go to, it’s right by my house. Haven’t had any luck, but there’s a ton of beauty spots.

  8. Unfortunately you have to go pretty directly after they stock to have a chance at catching anything. Honestly your best bet is to float the Clarion. We regularly catch bass, catfish, walleye and very occasionally a trout that came in through the stocking.

  9. That’s what I was trying to avoid, but I knew in my heart it was probably the best bet, haha. I like the solitude of finding a little stream on some back road. My dog likes to tag along as well, wonder how he’d do in the kayak…lol.

  10. For the love of sweet lady propane, please no. One sub I follow is overran by so many polls.

  11. I don’t really appreciate the attitude. Besides I’m not the one holding birds captive for my own gain.

  12. Not giving attitude, stop being so confrontational. You said yourself, you stumbled in and started judging. You’re free to your opinions, but this person is dealing with a sick animal that they likely love and care for very much. Just not the time or place, as they are trying to figure out what they can do to ease the birds suffering. Your comment was unhelpful, condescending, and just rude. So again; stumble on back out, thanks. (Now I’m giving you a lil ’tude.)

  13. My whole point is the suffering of the animal is literally CAUSED by the op. They can’t speak for themselves. If they weren’t bred into existence they wouldn’t have to suffer for us.

  14. Egg bound happens naturally, has nothing to do with OP. Yes, I agree, but that’s not the way of the world and attacking/being snarky at someone trying to care for their pet only gives people a reason to look down on vegans. I lived in nyc for 7 years, love vegan food, known many vegans/vegetarians. It’s your attitude that’s the problem and is giving other vegans a bad name. Be a better representative for your cause/ideals.

  15. Lol I was just thinking about this shirt the other day. Why, Bry?

  16. This is not helpful, but I saw a post a couple weeks ago about a deleted scene from the series original finale. It has something to do with Lucky, maybe their wedding? I’m sure you could find the post on the sub tho.

  17. I love Coors Banquet and my friends make fun of me with their bitter-ass IPAs. That's fine. I'll enjoy my cheap, malty delicious swill.

  18. Different beers for different situations. My go to is just a simple Miller Lite, but sometimes you need to get shitty quick, so those 9% pine cones in a bottle come in handy lol.

  19. Our well has been an issue this year. We moved into a property that was used only in the summer, nothing about it was winter ready. Power went out during a snowstorm, well house froze and pressure tank/culligan filter previous owners had installed both exploded. I rerouted the pressure tank/hooks ups into the closet space where the old furnace used to be before we installed wood heat. Don’t have room for the giant monstrosity that is the culligan tank, plus the $80~ monthly bill was kinda BS to begin with. Got two filter systems I plan on hooking up, when I finally get some time. But our water is not great. Without the filter, there’s a decent amount of iron. Nothing smelly, but will turn orange as it oxidizes. Last couple of weeks, water left in like, a rinsed out bowl or cup, has turned black a few times. Google says it’s manganese. I tried looking some stuff up, but honestly kind of felt overwhelmed, never had to deal with any well issues before. Anyone have any recommendations/ideas or could point me in the right direction? Would really appreciate any help!

  20. I was lucky enough to see that live. One of the best moments of living in nyc.

  21. Just watched this episode last night. He said it was the best burger he’s ever tasted. Season 1 hank was more forgiving of the char.

  22. Hot Rize is pretty great.

  23. Just saw a post of two Roosters with the same type of tail feather. None of my other ladies have it, so it got me thinking.

  24. 😂😂😂 why doesn’t she just use Bry’s sun lamp?? The stupid dummy

  25. I think she was waiting on advice from photoshop guy.

  26. It’s definitely Suzanne. That heartless bitch lol

  27. Suzanne, you god damned bitch!

  28. I mean Hank is playing guitar with Willie Nelson after Bobby hit him with a golf-ball all the way back in Season 1. But yes.

  29. Funny no ones mentioned that, good catch lol.

  30. "You're not making Rock n Roll better, you're just making christianity worse"

  31. Backwards, but that’s probably my favorite line too.

  32. They’re still pretty young, about a month out from laying. Does that happen?

  33. Noted. They should start laying within the next month or so.

  34. Frank 5 still hasn’t grown on me 😅 I’m sure that’s an unpopular opinion but I’ve never been a fan.

  35. I don’t hate him, but I don’t understand the appeal at all. I’ve never been a fan of “I hate my wife” humor tho lol.

  36. Definitely has some decent moments though, I’m sure.

  37. I've had runner ducks come back from foraging with a random limp. Usually add some niacin to their water and some nutritional yeast on top of the food . Keep them in a smaller area if they are free range , keep them protected and see how butters is in a few days. Took 4 or 5 days when Quackie Jackie slipped on some ice but she ended up good

  38. I’m thinking that’s what happened. No sign of bumble, he’s walking normally and putting his full weight on it this morning. Think I’m just gonna fence them in since they free range during the day. Glad Quakie Jackie is all healed up!

  39. I'd say he sprained or strained something. If it was broken you'd know, he's walk with his wingtips and not place his foot on the ground. What kind of surface do they have to walk on? Grass in the photo, but what's the floor of your coop made from? Too hard of a surface for extended periods of time will cause bumblefoot. Ducks heal amazing well and quickly. I rescued a batch of Muscovy and one of the ducks had frost bite on her feet. I had to trim off all the dead tissue which included a complete toe. Mrs. Waddlesworth made a full recovery and raised a couple clutches of ducklings. She walked funny, but other than that she healed up completely. When you say "hens" - chickens? or female ducks? If ducks, then they're ducks and not hens. Drakes and ducks. Chickens don't tend to mess with ducks, ducklings yes, but not ducks.

  40. He’s putting his full weight on it today, I’m pretty sure he just was being his clumsy self. By hens, I mean chickens. Thank you for your concern, I’m glad Mrs Waddlesworth made a full recovery!

  41. My favorite moment hands down.

  42. You mean Mike Zapkick?

  43. Following this. I have two hanging traps that seem to be working well, but would love to know some better suggestions!

  44. How didn’t anyone laugh at Q telling Walt “You deserve mid-tier.”

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