1. Why do I hear the scream of a 6 year old girl at the end?

  2. It really amazes me that people who’ve been successful in something I’ve been spending a good portion of my life looking forward to can just throw it away like rhis.

  3. Some people insinuate themselves into positions of trust where they have every intention of hiding in plain sight in order to take advantage of the weak and vulnerable.

  4. No skin off my nose....Nando's can do one with their average at best chicken products. Can't see what all the fuss is about.

  5. Forget the Bude Tunnel, he needs to take her to the NatWest Hole in The Wall in Ilkeston. Truly a wonder and marvel of British history.

  6. People who have Mental Health Issues and people who have MHIs and commit crime are two very different things though. For example, why should police attend every MHI matter because someone is vaguely concerned for their family/ friend, but not so concerned as to get to them themselves if it’s a reasonable possibility? That’s what this is about.

  7. I agree. However the Venn diagram of crime, mental health, personality disorders and anti social behaviour is a very convoluted one. The way things are reported to police sometimes sound a lot worse than they transpire to be, so police will arrive at a job that maybe they shouldn't have any obligation to deal with and have to spend a disproportionate amount of time justifying why they aren't doing something....which is indicative of a lack of trust in being supported when things go wrong.

  8. I’m fully in agreement about MH being intrinsically linked to crime, but so too is socio-economic deprivation and these links are so complex, police can’t deal with it in a pro-active or reactive capacity effectively. The matters need to be dealt with “at source” which is within the scope of MH/ NHS Trusts and Social Services respectively in a “prevention rather than cure” kind of way, and perhaps pushing-back will encourage them to resume a more active role while freeing-up police officers to deal with actual police issues. On that note, you’re right that there is a lot of “poetic licence” taken by some of our informants which will invariably prompt a response of some sort. Equally however, many calls are understated and require a lot of work to safeguard those present when we get there and realise things are far worse. Perhaps another solution for the former is for police to not be so obligated to resolve the matter under a Duty of Care but to accept that once it is determined it isn’t really a police matter, allow Officers to pull away without fear of reprisal under the ‘What if?’ scenario or to drag them through a years-long investigation for the one in a million event where something does go wrong a bit further down the line. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I’d like more than to make a real difference to those in genuine need, but I can only do so within the powers and policies that exist for me to do so. Police can’t and therefore never should have been passed such responsibilities from other agencies

  9. I am merely small cog in a large machine. I do however try to be a well oiled cog no matter how small. There are things within my control and things outside of my control. This mantra keeps me sane in a job like no other.

  10. But sometimes there's leaves on the road when I drive Oliver to his piano lessons!

  11. Have a look at the soles....some have both the two bolt spd fixing as well as the three bolt spd sl fixings. If you only have the two bolt configuration, you'll need the matching cleats and pedals.

  12. At least they didn’t burn down half of California.

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