1. I remember reading something recently about a class action lawsuit against the US military for knowingly using contaminated grounds at a training base, any chance this is what that sticker is about? I can't remember exactly what base it was but the sticker sounds kinda familiar. Maybe this guy is claiming he "~came out just fine~" or some other anti-medicine bullshit like that?

  2. Nope. The Bunker Hill location is a parking lot members of their movement live at.

  3. The 1776 Restoration Movement incorporates religion into every aspect of what they do and even have a list of demands for all churches in America. Critics and even some past members consider it a cult.

  4. From the statement it sounds like they are criticizing their government and trying to change it non-violently. I do not know enough about the movement to know which rich people it’s objectives would benefit, but I would be interested in learning more.

  5. The group has multiple arrests for being violent in DC, make threats, dox, caught on stream saying they put trip lines on national mall, proud boy leads it, and literally had to tackle their own member last night before police got to him.

  6. I try to provide protest movements with the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the actions of unorganized individual members. It was not long ago that conservatives used fringe examples of petty crime and violence to paint the entire BLM movement in a negative light. I did not know that they were led by a member of the Proud Boys however.

  7. The counter protesters are actually from right and left. Even some members of the past People's Convoy.

  8. After finally having rules enforced the 1776 Restoration Movement appears to be giving up on their DC occupation.

  9. This video has a highlight of the food stamps part at the end.

  10. To paraphrase Tricky Dick "It's not illegal if a patriot does it."

  11. This is straight escalation. She can seriously harm someone like me who is blind.

  12. Someone who wasn’t the attacker last night, but did get arrested for an attack the other day, convinced them to mute before the attack. Audio comes back a few minutes after attack.

  13. The group now has no streaming mandates which are obviously so they can attack people at night and have less evidence.

  14. Did this guy say he thinks Willy wonka’s chocolate factory is a real place? Where in this video is the assault?

  15. About 20 seconds after the timestamp which the video should start at. Wanted to make sure it showed there was no assault the other way around shown first. 4:17:00 timestamp for attacker walking into frame.

  16. Don't think anyone has, all I've seen are posts about where is it on the PS store or how to get the JP version

  17. PlayAsia + Nintendo Switch and it would just be a download away.

  18. Yep. You just have to make a Japanese account and use a Japanese eshop card to buy the game.

  19. https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxHdRMIYER5HMmzmFBXLsM5IpMoPtXK9q-

  20. You can find him and more members of the 1776 Restoration Movement on this livestream showing the counter protest.

  21. They focused on one of the two known convicted & registered sex offenders the group has welcomed.

  22. If he’s not one of those dudes why is he in hiding? I’m usually up on the crazy but I don’t know this backstory

  23. 10 days ago he was at the capital for a march with the group and his truck got impounded back on the mall.

  24. Who is Ivan Raiklin? The only thing I can find about him is that he tried to run for Congress in 2018 as a Republican but was disqualified because he couldn’t get enough signatures to get on the ballot. What’s he doing ranting on the sidewalk?

  25. He drafted the memo that Trump claimed proved Pence could prevent Biden from being president on January 6th.

  26. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/can-veep-play-the-pence-card/

  27. Check the decibels. If it’s over 100 you are being assaulted with the intent to cause bodily harm. You are then free to bash that fukkers head in.

  28. It is well over that. I don't have the specifics but they mentioned it repeatedly before being extremely high as someone they knew was making it for them.

  29. Sometimes it’s “fukk it” and fight.

  30. Seems like one of the 1776 group called the police complaining a protestor might have accidently stood on a flag.

  31. Why are they passing around an empty bin like it's the Declaration of Independence?

  32. Santa went on a big religious rant, you have to think of them as a cult, and compared that bin to an item in his religious story.

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