The Darkest Day [OC]

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  1. Theres a couple weeks each summer that I don't leave the house as I wait for these to disappear

  2. Luckily I live in a downstairs unit where I have my own porch and private entrance so I can leave my light off, but this is the entrance to the upstairs units. I’d be sleeping in my car for sure lol.

  3. It’s an apartment building so I have no say. But these guys will be caked on any building that has lights. They also swarm street lamps and die in the street, which causes the roads to be slick.

  4. My friend miscarried a few weeks ago. She knew she was miscarrying; it was early-term, but they had found the heartbeat. She was in so much pain that she went to the ER. They denied her a D&C (abortive procedure) and forced her to pass the miscarriage naturally. She was in horrible pain, and the D&C would've been a mercy. She told me that when she passed the fetus, she saw the clump of tissue and just broke down crying. She wanted that baby desperately... barring being able to have it, at the very least she wanted to not have to see when it passed. But she didn't get that option and care like this is why.

  5. I have had reproductive issues since I hit puberty… PCOS, HPV, pre-cancerous cells on my cervix, a LEEP procedure and high-risk to develop cervical cancer, and a family history of reproductive issues. As someone that wanted a child some day, I’m now fucking terrified to put myself in a situation where I cannot receive the proper care.

  6. Licor 43 is just a liqueur…nothing special about it. Makes an awesome Manhattan if you replace the simple syrup.

  7. Yeah I’m pretty confused by this. If the “samples” were actually 4oz that’s over two shots lol.

  8. When you fill out your actual information at including your income information and household size you will be told how much of a subsidy you qualify for and whether you qualify for cost sharing reductions in deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. A few things to keep in mind as you are on the website filling out the info:

  9. Thank you! I’m not sure I’m seeing anything about CSR, but it says I get a tax credit of $29/mo if I choose to use it, but my income is unpredictable because I’m a bartender. I put 40k as my salary but acknowledged it could be different.

  10. If you earn less than like 25k a year, then you're going to be eligible for large cost sharing reduction subsidies on silver and should only be looking at silver plans. If you earn more than that, then you should probably look at all metal levels.

  11. This was helpful, thank you. I’ve seen plans that seem to be practice/network-specific, such as Beaumont or Ascension. If all of your physicians are in one of those networks, are those plans a good idea?

  12. My recent posts haven't been showing up either and I'm sitting at 45k, most of my posts in the past were to this and a couple other tattoo subreddits. I'm so curious now about the requirements, I've reached out to a few mods already and got nothing back, hopefully something soon

  13. Yeah they’ve yet to answer me, either. I had to make a new account, seems like there has to be a better way to filter spam.

  14. I’ve been cutting out carbs and sugar! Nothing strict like keto, but definitely no pasta or bread or sweets.

  15. You’re adorable! Being insecure happens, but you look great. :)

  16. My wife has been trying to get an appointment with her for awhile lol i just found out.

  17. Ahh yeah! She’s pregnant and due in a week so she’s only taking select appointments right now. I would definitely follow her Instagram to catch when she’s booking next.

  18. That's the only interaction I have with my cat, a repeatedly reminder of my failings. An automatic feeder would make me obsolete. Please dont tell my cat.

  19. Don’t worry, I’ve had one for years and my cat still screams at me for about 30 minutes until it goes off.

  20. He has the reaction time and reflexes of a walnut.

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