1. LOL ... Maybe Nina gave birth to all the random characters of GH/PC while she was in the coma. ;) I honestly hope not. I would like to see Sasha stay though - and she doesn't have a lot of connections to PC. I would like to see Nina "adopt" her though. I still wish that Sasha was pregnant with Brando's baby. Enough time has passed since he was hooked, I don't think that will happen.

  2. Any thing is plausible with these writers.

  3. What a cute pic of little Eden! Yeah, the casting of Eden as "Josslyn Jacks" was perfect.

  4. Technically Oscar was her first love. Cam’s second. She’ll be having a lot “loves”…

  5. Exactly. Look at Laura, her first love was Scotty.

  6. They haven't broken up, yet. They had sex a few days ago (or yesterday considering the wonkiness of GH timelines) and while Cam was happy and thought they were 'back on track', Joss confessed to Trina that things were off with them. She's got one foot out the door, I just hope she breaks up with Cam before she does more than a few smooches with Dex.

  7. His penis got diseases from a Chumash tribe!

  8. Yes. Totally sang along as I read this too.

  9. I thought of several more Liz's connections after I logged off - figured I would post a couple of them this morning while I am making Thanksgiving food.

  10. I’m curious what Carly has done at her current age that is as deviant as Nina. Carly was awful when she was younger, but Nina acts like an immature gossiping brat who quite literally never believes she makes mistakes. Carly acknowledges her past often and she rarely goes after people unless they give her a reason. Carly had so many reasons to hate Nelle and has even more to hate Nina. Carly isn’t even the only one going head to head with Nina— what did Willow ever do to deserve Nina’s attitude towards her? She hated her for disciplining her spoiled brat stepdaughter and tried to sabotage her career. Willow tried to bridge the gap and let Nina get closer to Wiley, and Nina then betrayed her boyfriend’s entire family. And what about TJ? How often does Carly go out of her way to bother and hurt people she has no reason to hurt? She isn’t even slightly the evil woman she used to be.

  11. Nina is emotionally immature. She spent 20 years in a coma and she's still playing 'catch up'. If Carly can be forgiven for her MANY transgressions in the past, then I think Nina should be cut some slack. I mean 'stealing' Sonny? Pssshhhh, who wants that misogynistic washed up mob wannabe anyway? Nina should run for the hills, rather than be entangled with the Gummybear Mafia Don.

  12. It’s odd they never took advantage of having Delia on the show considering the lore she brought with her did she ever mention Johnno or her grandson Owen?

  13. No. It would be kind of cool if Dex ended up being Owen though. Honestly a little RH injection (and people who write like they used to write RH) would go a long way in lifting GH, imho.

  14. Yeah it wouldn’t be Dex there’s no justification Owen Ryan would change his name he’s from a proud Irish Catholic family that is very close nit since Ryan’s is now a semi recurring hangout for locals visiting New York he might show up there if Ava visits Delia again I’m actually surprised she didn’t after Kiki’s murder. Your right there’s so much the Ryan’s could give to the show

  15. Just trying to find a way to make Dex interesting. LOL. I wish Delia would make a drop by visit.

  16. I imagine we all have different triggers. I know Nina triggers me because of how she feels entitled to a relationship with people she’s hurt. Got some expertise with folks like that. And yes, Some of the pairings have been heavy handed, lol.

  17. Super understandable. I just didn't want you to feel like you were all alone. There are fans of theirs in here.

  18. I don’t agree that he lost everything. He has his new girlfriend, his ex encourages him to continue a relationship with his 3 year old , he has his business, tho only thing he “lost “ is his adoptive son and his wife that he no longer wanted.

  19. You can hear it anywhere in Auburn unless you live out by the South College Walmart, you get used to it though

  20. On a cold night, you can even hear it there. LOL.

  21. You will get used to the train, but yes, you will hear it at first and it will be loud.

  22. And the Gilmore name. The name can get you many places in that world.

  23. How else can they find a way to drag Nina? Carly going to Bobbie doesn't look like anything. Carly going to Brick's hotel room "looks" like something. Writers are ridiculous at this point.

  24. At this point? They've been ridiculous for over 2 years lol🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  25. I've always thought they've wasted potential college storylines on this show.

  26. TempNik wasn't bad at all. I do like MC in the role, but the writing for him has been horribly weak. TC, well bless it, I don't think he'll ever return because of all the burned bridges. I wish him well, but I don't personally want to see him back as Nik.

  27. Rory: “Mom?” Lorelai: “Yeah?” Rory: “I'm pregnant.”

  28. Imagine that, butting into something that is absolutely none of her business.

  29. See these Britt/Austin scenes have more chemistry than Austin/Maxie have ever have.

  30. #Vanna is official! She's got his ring so they are going steady!!!!

  31. You got me thinking about Nina as step mom! So much potential for some drama! I want a true evil crazy Nina back! This kissy face prop for Sonny has no story.

  32. KILL the kissy face prop already, right?

  33. Hey, leave her out of this. That child already had enough baggage with Peter being her father.😂

  34. The big profitable "companies" of GH do tend to be a little bit...hollow. It's never really clear what exactly any of them really...do to make money. Or how they are "profitable".

  35. With Deception, definitely more sitcom! I remember when Ryan's Hope featured day to day people, and it was good story telling. Even "Port Charles" before it veered into the supernatural featured day to day people and their lives. I kinda wish some soap would start up that would be a bit like that. I know folks like the glamor and the fantasy, but sometimes having characters that are relatable can be entertaining too.

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