High school students, 1989.

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  1. Georgie dying was the most unnecessary death EVER! It did not improve the storyline at all and Georgie was good with Dylan. Lulu was the character who 'killed' Georgie.

  2. Oh I so agree! The WORST and MOST unnecessary!

  3. What made him charming is now gone, at least for me. Now it's more of a 'nerdy schtick' and not to true essence of what made him Spinelli. I know nerds who have grown up and they keep that quintessential nerd charm, the writers just don't know how to write a non-cliche adult nerd.

  4. Me nethier and the fact that Ella just stands mocking pumpkin about the money on a livestream and pumpkin couldn’t give a fuck

  5. https://archiveofourown.org/works/40076028/chapters/102550287

  6. Looks a bit like Tom Cruise's cousin, William Mapother.

  7. Again with Mrs. Mathison? I'd rather see Mr. Genie Francis.

  8. And in the background, we have Kin Shriners long time girl friend lurking. So I think we SHOULD get Jonathan on the show!

  9. In his Star Trek uniform! Which one was Kin's girlfriend? Jackie Z. was saying how much she likes Kin's girlfriend in a recent interview I caught a clip of on YT.

  10. She's the tall pretty blonde waitress at the Metro Court. Sometimes they give her lines. Her name is Trish Ramish. And yes, JF in his Star Trek uniform!

  11. If it’s the building I’m thinking of (built in 17-18) that’s what it actually was but there’s more to the story. We used it as a case study in my geotech class. The contractor did the bare minimum geotech investigation cause they built some other buildings recently and used that data too. Unfortunately the soil here can change a lot within just a few miles so their data wasn’t accurate. Eventually the building settled

  12. Surreal feeling when you drive down Glenn Avenue, it's almost like you are in Birmingham.

  13. Willow is about to graduate from nursing school in a "couple of hours" after attending for like a year, which is somehow still longer than the amount of time Liz spent in nursing school all those years ago, but less than the amount of time Carly attended.

  14. Did Carly ever actually graduate though? Wasn't she just there to keep tabs on the best way to screw over Bobbie? It's been so long ago, I honestly don't remember.

  15. Carly started out as Physical Therapist (again in GH world - because to be a PT you generally need to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I think GH more had her in the role of PT assistant - but they called her a physical therapist.) Which seeing she was using an illegal name ... Carly Roberts instead of Caroline Benson ... who knows if her degree was real even on a fake show.

  16. They should have let HER dance with Swayze! That would have been some hoofing!

  17. Wasn't she also parenting her father too?

  18. Perhaps, but it felt like she was trying to keep an enemy away, more than parenting Chris.

  19. Yeah, she probably was out of line. I wasn't her place to 'parent' her mother, but DAMN I loved it when she did it!

  20. She didn't love him. That was a big part of the problem with them. Like Christopher, she wanted to love him, but she didn't.

  21. A moment of silence for the friendships that could have been, of which we only got a mere glimpse of: Mrs. Kim + Emily Gilmore, and Paris + Jess.

  22. Wasted opportunity, can you imagine if Mrs. Kim became her 'official antiques dealer'?

  23. Yes, I think there is more to him than just working for Michael to bring down Sonny.

  24. I missed the end of June and beginning of July but I …..like Cody? And I feel some chemistry between him and Britt? *hides for cover

  25. I kinda do too and they could have potential, but I just don't trust the writers with them. Look what they did with BLQ & PawPatrol.

  26. Part of me hopes they stick with the books for Eloise, but part of me is intrigued with a different direction for her.

  27. Sorry to b honest I'm sick of Nina n Carly thinking Sonny is some kind of prize he has never been faithful to any woman

  28. Sonny is horrible. The only reason he's gotten away with all his misogynistic b.s. is MB's dimples! You are right, he's NEVER been faithful to any woman and he is NO prize! Plus, he's a killer and a mob king pin. What's the draw?

  29. Really no it was just a strange comment even if she knew, most of her conversation with Sonny she brings up Carly they are both in each other's head . When Nina finds out Willow is her child and Carly kept it from her then we have something to talk about

  30. You know, I was agreeing with you that it was a strange comment.

  31. Because the people that "study" the Bible are the same ones using their work of fiction to restrict the rights of others. Forcing their imaginary friend's archaic "rules" on others not realizing how full of shit they are. Christianity is the embodiment of hypocrisy and you can't be a good person and actually support the religion. The countless lives lost and destroyed all in the name of a made up character. Imagine if people that really enjoyed The Walking Dead were constantly knocking at your door asking if you have heard the word of Rick yet. And then imagine those same people went across the street and murdered countless other people because their favorite made up character was Hank Hill from King of the Hill. That's basically religion and it's responsible for most of the conflicts that exist on our planet. All because a bunch of earlier humans didn't understand how the world works and wanted some form of solace so they made up stories. Grow up

  32. Are they? Maybe they are trying to learn things? Maybe they will end up with strong faith or maybe the will decide it's pure allegory and not base their lives on it? Why limit the opportunity? Almost like book banning.

  33. 3rd one shown, the guy, looked a LOT like my hs bf, from the 70s. LOL

  34. Did the real princess finally get her own kingdom then? 😂

  35. If you don't like the texture of bananas (I don't) then ICK!!!! Peanut butter would have improved it, imho. :)

  36. Any jewelry store with a master jeweler should be able to do this for you. I think Bromberg's still has one. I could direct you to one in Auburn, if you wanted to make the trip.

  37. It happens. Sometimes people are able to forgive and move on, sometimes they aren't. I mean I would have dumped him in a hot minute, whether he thought they were broken up or not, just because of the sheer number of girls he slept with in such a short time.

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