1. Definitely. It's a must have. It's so atmospheric and vibeworthy- and it helps that the source material is so incredible too.

  2. Take your grolton and hovis and get off my property

  3. I know its not a remaster but you could always emulate it, I got BBFB original to work very well on pcsx2! I might try it out as well

  4. I keep meaning to try PCSX2, I'll have to get it soon

  5. Not a single sentence has any real-world meaning. Impressive.

  6. I never thought I'd like a Blista Compact, but I must say yours is very well done.

  7. Imagine if he could buy a beach house in Paleto Bay as well. Ah, the things that could be done if Rockstar only acknowledged singleplayer.

  8. It's a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable game. I only wish R* expanded the singleplayer, particularly by adding purchasable safehouses and new missions.

  9. False. The Falkland Islands do not belong to Argentina.

  10. The Woman King was not a 'great' movie. If it is remembered, it will be for its historical inaccuracies and apologetic stance towards Dahomey's slave practices.

  11. They only have the Newer definitive edition trilogy, I checked.

  12. Oh that was it. They made it so you can only get the originals if you spent £60 on their defective editions

  13. Tbh, aside from the last mission, I didn't have that many technical issues with it.

  14. But the GTA Definitive / Defective Editions aren't on steam 😳

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