1. Hmmm I downloaded from the first as well, but had to log in all the time.

  2. Maybe something in your settings? Either in the app itself or your phone's app settings?

  3. I don't really know, everything in the settings looks ok.

  4. Sorry, can't think of anything else to suggest. I hate logging into things time and time again so I get how frustrating this is.

  5. Another commenter mentioned Red Rock Chocolate factory. I will second this recommendation. I was looking for a chocolatier that sold chocolate covered oreos as I would buy them for my wife every Valentines. I needed a new place after Godiva went out of business and decided to give Red Rock a try. Can't recommend them enough. I got my wife 2 dozen oreos and myself a chocolate covered rice crispies bar and a cookies and cream caramel apple. My snacks never made it home. 😅

  6. I read that post of yours, glad you found the chocolate coveted oreos for your wife.

  7. I was an Inventory Manager at a couple of different car dealerships in Texas. You couldn't pay me to buy a new car at a dealership here. My last car I went to OC, found exactly what I wanted in quantity (couldn't even find one here to see) and it was the easiest transaction ever.

  8. What was the reason? Price, customer service or selection?

  9. All 3 of those. I couldn't find a dealership here that would get me what I wanted, they were all rude and acted like I was doing them a favor and the price. I had an invoice for the exact model so I knew the price, they got mad about that. I paid 7K less than in California for the exact model color and options I wanted. And they paid for my rental I had gotten her and the $300, drop fee to return it there.

  10. Should be soon! So check back in the next 24-48 hours!

  11. A fountain diet coke with lots of ice from convenience stores, a treat at a bakery. Maybe an Auntie Anne or Wetzel pretzel. And if I'm somewhere and there's a Sees candy store I have to buy a piece or two.

  12. I bought them yesterday. They're not bad but they're sure not great. Too much icing, which is something I thought I'd say.

  13. For whatever reason i thought the picture on the box was enhanced or something and they were gonna be regular sized Oreos just with a diff cream

  14. I agree when I opened it and saw it really was like 2 double stufs I was surprised.

  15. I loved them as a kid and when I had my own son liked forward to them even more. Little did I know that I'd have a child that hates to read. But fortunately he made up for it by being a collector of chapter books. Not sure if he did this just to screw with me but all that mattered was I got the book fair experience as a parent and he had full bookcases in case by some miracle he did want to read. He did actually like nature books, anything Pokemon and things that showed his to take apart and build anything.

  16. I'm a huge Challenge fan and am watching and enjoying Physical 100. The dubbing is driving me nuts but if I watch it with the Korean sound and English sub titles that's distracting also. So i go back and forth with that but love watching the competition.

  17. Kermit picking the soap was how my son introduced me to Jenna, Julien and their dog fam. I've been a fan ever since.

  18. The dubbing is similar to what it means in English with a few changes (like when the guy said, 'there are those who weigh more than 100kg (220lbs)' was changed to 'there are those who can lift more than 100kg').

  19. Not expressing emotions hits the nail on the head.

  20. This might be a deep dive, but does anybody remember The Real World Brooklyn? It had a few future Challengers - Sarah, Devyn, Chet

  21. That was a great season, probably the one I immediately think of when someone mentions RW. .

  22. Thank you for reminding me of this. My sister and I learned to drink that from my grandfather in the early 60s (yikes aging myself) and had never seen anyone else drink it till Laverne and Shirley. These days it's Diet Coke and milk for me. I think I'll raise a glass to these wonderful ladies tonight.

  23. From. It's on Epix. Season 2 seems to be coming soon. Great, creepy show.

  24. Epix is now called MGM+. From is the right answer to your question.

  25. Just train and not much of that in far nw Summerlin. 215/Lake Mead area

  26. Still need high plains? 5054 6192 2192 julesnlv I'm a daily player going to Hoehn Fest both days

  27. Both of my borders have done that all the time. Cutest thing ever.

  28. OP thank you for this thread. I too am a BD addict so it was interesting to see what others watch. What is scary is that I've watched at least 50% of the recommendations and of those 100%.

  29. We have tickets for both days but some friends/ family took too long and lost out. We've been wondering if they'll be able to come with us. It's a huge park, but still, there's a limit on how many people they can cram in there. I wouldn't be surprised if the park or at least parking lots are fenced/ gated for that weekend. I plan on going down there daily starting a few days before to see if anything like that is happening.

  30. I'm not in Texas any longer but get fountain drinks regularly at convenience stores. At 1 7-11 the manager waves me in if there's a long line, about 35% of the time. At another 7-11 I've had it happen a couple of times. No rhyme or reason but I'm not complaining.

  31. Amazing, maybe I'm not being creative enough with what all I can get on Amazon lol :) What were some of your biggest purchases if you don't mind me asking?

  32. My son's company gives weekend incentive bonuses in egift cards. He and my nephew both transfer them to Amazon. There are some weeks when it's been $500+. My son uses the bulk to buy parts as he's building another gaming computer. He's also bought jumbo bags of dog food a new tablet and accessories etc. My nephew does random things, new Roomba for my sister's house, snacks in quantity, Christmas gifts for me and my son. I think they each still have a couple of thousand and incentives will be starting up again soon. They think they've now figured out how to transfer to PayPal then to each others PayPal and then into their bank accounts.

  33. Pink and white scotch tape dispenser.

  34. https://pennypresses.net/home/map.php

  35. OMG, thank you for posting this. I have a couple of books worth from over the years and always game to collect more.

  36. If any of it would be appropriate for teenagers please think about Project 150.

  37. We lived in Austin for almost 16 years and moved to Las Vegas for college for my son. Been in LV for 12 years now and plan to leave within the next 1-2 years max. We hate the weather here! Hot and windy with barely no winter and no rain. We miss the storms of Central Texas. Not going back though, next looking for more winter.

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