1. Have you seen the Rams!? Odell was a big factor in them winning the superbowl. We don’t need good old boys, we need people that want to win

  2. You think that’s Odell? He might, I’ll be the first to say I don’t know. I do know his track record though. I feel confident saying leave his ass at home.

  3. It might be helpful to work your understanding from the other end, understanding how governing bodies produce a rating for a golf course.

  4. Wow… Thanks for the write up. Best explanation I’ve ever read.

  5. Nuance is going to be that way regardless…but that’s why we have refs and such….the game is already full of nuance….can’t draw on here but I could easily come up with scenarios where it’s very clear that someone is not ahead of someone else (yet is apparantly)…I don’t think I’m suggesting something crazy….there’s a reason for example that sprints (races) are not measured at the feet

  6. But it’s the rule… As a coach and as a player, crystal clear rules are useful. I don’t want to have to trust the ref. Those dick heads piss us off enough as a is. Instead, let’s have crystal clear rule and use that.

  7. I mean I have a good feeling you probably got many Serbian fans saying the very same about the play pictured up top even if it is “clearly defined”

  8. I think the number of problems goes up 10 fold as soon as you open it up to interpretation. There are situations where the rule kind of sucks, but at least their is a clear rule. No one can argue that this wasn’t offside. It sucks, but it is offside. There’s no way around it.

  9. Bad teams get bad calls. Referees favor certain teams because they represent preferred markets. The eyes have it; the larger the audience attracted by the team (Dallas, Kansas City, etc) or by a star of that team (Rodgers, Brady, Diggs, etc) the likelier the officials will penalize their opponents, especially if those opponents play for undesirable markets (Cleveland, Jacksonville, Detroit, etc). This should come as no surprise, because in the NFL, money matters above all.

  10. Tinfoil hat guy has entered the building

  11. I'm more worried actually. Iran will defend like there's no tomorrow, and when they attack they will attack hard. US defense is a lot better than Wales, but US attack isn't as creative as England. In order to break Iran US needs to cross, shoot, and cause panic in Iran's box. It's not an easy job, but at least Greg has seen more "park the bus" than he's seen other tactics.

  12. I saw a comment earlier pointing out that so many times that we play a parked team, it’s in a goat pasture with bags of piss raining and everything else. While there’s loads of pressure coming, there’s also a lot of things that will make this scenario more manageable than some CONCACAF

  13. American here. This is a really funny meme. That is all.

  14. But it isn’t usually good. And clearly, even after he had a chat with Weston, no one expected the ball on the back post. Either poor communication or poor service. Not sure which, but I hope we can improve in this area.

  15. Moron with a point you didn’t think he’d have when you woke up today! USA!

  16. An idiot that got a point you didn’t think he’d get. USA!

  17. God Iran are gonna bunker like crazy

  18. That’s good for the US

  19. How? We lack the creativity to break down a bunker

  20. You’re right… I wasn’t thinking clearly.

  21. We certainly have the quality to beat Iran, but I don’t love the matchup. We’re going to have the ball and want to move forward with slow center backs behind us. Iran looked really good on the counter today.

  22. Totally Agree. VAR gets shitted on but the right decision was made in this case. Credit should be given when it’s due

  23. You’re right. It would be nice if officials just never made a mistake, but sometimes VAR helps. I hate that it breaks the rhythm of the game, but it’s useful.

  24. Posts like these are why the rest of the futbol community laughs at us

  25. Using the word futbol is why I’m laughing at you

  26. Ill be laughing watching Berhalters team struggle to put up a single shot on target in 90 min tmrw

  27. Are you rooting for North Korea or what? Get on board or get out bro!

  28. It’s a difference in British English and American English. Ohio State is …. Manchester United are…

  29. Preview of our playoff run?

  30. The ones I have seen are just chintzy little stations, just put in random places along a sidewalk, or walking circuit. They are practically useless for an actual workout. If there is one in town where the things are consolidated into one area, and is suitable for all ages I would love to know where.

  31. Whatever that park is over off Washington and 11th has a station that’s set up for all ages and is all right there in one spot. You’re not gonna be a body builder if that’s all you’ve got, but it’s a nice little spot that offers something all ages.

  32. Wait I'm confused. Why is this "mildly infuriating"? Wouldn't this be a post about "this is how I started, and because of dedication, I look like this"? I don't get it? While the dude isn't super fit, he still looks better than most.

  33. That’s freaking cool man

  34. Haters gonna hate man. You do you!

  35. Why would you say the college hash marks are better?

  36. Their wider making field goals more difficult and bunch formations and spread offenses more fun to watch. IMHO

  37. I waffle on this. I do love seeing the crazy formations (trips into boundary is always a favorite), but I also like balance that offenses can use in the nfl.

  38. St Thomas lateralpalooza punt return after the ball was touched by Valpo

  39. That’s really good coaching by the STC

  40. He really does. But the pitching wedges isn’t invited and can spend time with the 8 & 9 where he really fits in

  41. Lol. HS athletes have a lower standard of performance, not a higher standard, so that doesn’t really validate anything.

  42. Ok but surely you realize how nonsensical this sounds, people don’t just reach into someone else’s golf bag and snap a club unless they belong in an insane asylum

  43. “People don’t….”

  44. I really do appreciate but my family simply doesn’t have the money for lessons

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