1. Does anyone have solid proof of the extortion? Sloane could be accused but without solid proof, I don't think she could be convicted. But I am no legal expert so I could be wrong.

  2. Well Stephanie, CHAD, Paulina and maybe Leo all were witnesses. So maybe.

  3. Why'd Allie interrogate Wendy about her and Johnny, like maybe it was supposed to be casual but felt judgy

  4. I thinks she’s a Nicole in training. And that makes me think,

  5. Why stop with just legal trouble. How’s about a long long coma or worse? Who’s with me? I cannot stand her.

  6. I want the mannequin back. “Kill him…..kill him….”

  7. Thank you! I have several machines just sitting around gathering dust. I don’t do anything crazy. 2 cameras 40-50 lights locks and a ring alarms system.

  8. Jordan broke the rules and payed the price, she shouldn't have to bend backwards for Curtis

  9. This is port Charles. Like Curtis said, she only does it when it suits her.

  10. Where did Finn come from? And why does he think his mom is alive?

  11. Same here. Someone report it! That why I keep my PlayStation for times like this! Lol

  12. It looks like you're reporting a bug. If you haven't provided the information already, please share the following to help Epic Games:

  13. Yep - Me too - Open a ticket to GeForce - I did.

  14. Last time I've played Fortnite on GeForce, STW wasn't available for me

  15. Oh. It’s only available on Mac and pc on GeForce. Not the phones. 😝

  16. We're still on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Lily's had one meeting and two breaks for coffee. Nate's home after being in the office.

  17. Yeah! I said that the other day. She smiles and laughs….. the only time I saw that is when she briefly went crazy and then the writers forgot that was happening.

  18. I could see her vagina. It was so short. Then she moved and it HAD a SLIT!!! I guess now that they are Peacock they can’t afford enough material to cover the entire actress. OMG.

  19. Thought I was trippin when this happened to me.

  20. I had issues with this and it was my wifi, since upgrading to a gb wifi, no issues.

  21. Hi. May have fixed it. I had two wireless networks set up in the app. Sonos support had me delete one and the new speakers are now working as expected. Lol

  22. But before we ask if we can do it, we should ask if we SHOULD do it.

  23. Did this start yesterday? Mines been acting funny too.

  24. Why did he stop Chelsey from jumping? Why?

  25. How? I can’t get it to do the 100 meters in the air but hugs the ground?

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