1. You can manually turn the knob into what they call, part-time 4wd, (off road "performance") low or high. The only permanent 4wd is the off-road in the luxury package.

  2. Are you sure? ... They are 4X4 not AWD, 4 HI or 4 LO or OFF in which you are in 2WD, neither are part time.

  3. When I look at the truck from the front my lower arms are just below level. Seems like the truck should ride higher. Is how all of em are? There's no way I could have collapsed springs after 700 miles.

  4. Looks normal, my 23 P4X looks the same. I am loving the gas mileage so I am going to leave mine alone.

  5. I am having the same issue, super annoying and what brought me here. Also on Ventura.

  6. I just put the same Fab Fours Stubby and Warn winch on the front of my rubicon JLU. Did you install a leveling kit? Or go with different springs? I have a leveling kit, man is that front end heavy, I am considering adding the Fab Fours steel rear bumper to balance the weight a bit.

  7. No leveling kit or different springs. There is a slight rake visible from the side but it’s not that bad.

  8. Did your rubi come originally with plastic bumpers or the steel bumper group?

  9. Rule #1 - Despite the fact that your Jeep is technically a Car Derived from the Celtic word carrus (‘cart’ or ‘wagon’) - We like to refer to them Simply as Jeeps :-) ... Congrats!! Your Jeep is beautiful!

  10. Noted! I have so much to learn. Your gladiator is beautiful btw

  11. LOL - I am just playing with ya ... Seriously, beautiful Jeep! Enjoy!

  12. New user, holy smokes are you fast. I am surprised that your queries are even better than duckduckgo, and they have been around much longer.

  13. I started at $500 and am now at $12k 15 months later. Request a CLI every 90 days. In November they gave me an auto CLI for additional $5k. Use the card a lot and pay it off every month and it grows fast.

  14. Mopar 2inch … it sits a bit higher than that. The ride quality is significantly better than stock (you and I have the same Jeep) trust me it’s worth the $$$

  15. Right ive been shopping around mopar seems the best way to go most aftermarket are cheaper but either don't come with 4 link arms or the do and are about 3 grand

  16. I like the Mopar because it was designed by the same engineers that designed the vehicle. Many will say you need to add an adjustable track bar, I am running 35s and have no issues, vehicle is as straight as an arrow at 90 on the highway.

  17. Yes, that‘s exactly what the tag >today is doing. Add this at the end of a task (without selecting the auto-complete result) and it will appear always today until checked off. If you complete it, it will replace the >today with the actual date and mark it as done.

  18. Nice! Are those 35’s? Did you notice a big change in mpg?

  19. Yes, Toyo Open Country RT on 20 inch rims ... Lost about 3 MPG, however got back 2 MPG with the low profile Tonneu cover.

  20. Thanks, good to know. I’m trying to figure out if I want to go small lift and 33’s or 2.5 inch lift and 35’s.

  21. 2 inch Mopar with 35s, trust me. Worth the extra $$$ but it rides better than stock. Also the 2 inch mopar is a bit taller than 2inches after it settles.

  22. Does give it a classic vibe ... Nice looking Gladdy!

  23. I upgraded to the Mopar Performance 2 inch lift that comes with fox shocks. The ride for me has been significantly better than stock. I also installed a fox steering stabilizer which made a world of difference. For reference I have a Sport S with the black stock shock (non nitrogen) they were very mushy.

  24. Sweet debt, I too would just call it a battle scar. Wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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