1. With all the choices, I avoid David Zale businesses like the plague. Happy to pay extra to not deal with people with spurious moral compasses.

  2. K lmao idk what the fuck that means but cool bro lmao.

  3. First time at least but mr happy place was definitely better tbh!

  4. I have officially tried this place!!! It’s very good n clean and super simple menu!! The mendo purp is awesome !!

  5. He had candy, gummies, possibly baked goods I think I don’t exactly remember.

  6. Don’t do anything dumb.. look up the stats specifically for whatever it is of the category you’re betting

  7. “Don’t care” yet spends your time on reddit of her haha sure you don’t care? ;)

  8. She didn’t have it for 2 years? She had one 2 years ago that lasted 2 days cause of these guys

  9. Yes we’re on the same page man! They’re out here pushing free photos and think they got her but she’s the one holding back now cause they gotta ruin it for us !

  10. I subscribed to it. Message me if anyone is interested. She hasn’t gotten naked yet though.

  11. Had a pal subscribe, I just want to post on here so everyone else can enjoy it

  12. Oh nah you’re good man! I’m just waiting for more to drop on her onlyfans !

  13. is your name Reddit now ? its you, the dumb fuck individual, that spams "dazedondosha??" on every peri related site you can find like a desperate little bitch that annoys me

  14. Pornhub, don’t have a link but periscope search by most recent.

  15. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d15f1b1cbf8e

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