1. fender ‘flares’ out of the john cooper works parts bin

  2. i agree, dope shooting break. no louvres though

  3. there’s also a half marathon that runs through

  4. rough like your mother likes it trebeck

  5. you could also oscillate the trim then grout/caulk around it

  6. altra is a wonder line of shoes. they give all your toes a place to be

  7. his energy is tough his info is great

  8. Thank you for the advice! I am going to try and convince my husband to change his mind since he wants to cover it!

  9. make sure you spray. no brushing. brushing = mud

  10. For those who don't know the 1943 team was a combined team of the Steelers and Eagles. WW2 had killed many people, including active professional football players, so Pittsburgh and Philadelphia merged for the season. It's likely the black was taken from the Steelers and whatever is in the off-talon is related to them.

  11. my son grabbed a steagles hoodie at the thrift store the other week

  12. come to the northern hinterlands for an

  13. i have washed mine. let them air dry

  14. If you haven’t looked at the hoka torrent give it a try on. 5mm drop and very roomy. I just hate that they wear down quickly on rough terrain.

  15. is it weird i have an irrational aversion to hoka and nike? my two favorite people wear each but i refuse. but worth trying

  16. No, I had a strong aversion to brooks for years. I just caved and bought a pair of brooks trail shoes since I was tired of the hokas wearing out. So far I don’t absolutely hate them, but I’m still wary haha- I understand where you’re coming from!

  17. it’s weird. i’ll try altra and other random brands but nike and hoka are off limits

  18. I love when they do this. I think it happens when the temp dips juuuuust low enough that they're like BYE LEAVES. Isn't it with the first hard frost?

  19. ours was last week. i’ve been tracking for the last few years and it’s been 11/7-11/20

  20. Oh you gotta keep that logging up! Ehh, I mean you should continue to record the data. Seriously share that!

  21. logging in the most tree friendly of ways

  22. a good plain yogurt is a perfect substitute

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