1. And also if you look close enough, it quite literally says “vvti” on the engine..

  2. This actually came straight out a 1997 brochure for a Supra RZ. Unless you’re saying the brochure is incorrect..

  3. Hey can I buy a print of this somewhere? Like you have an Etsy store or w/e, I want this guy for my office 🔥

  4. Hey there! Yes you can and thank you so much for the support! My shop is:

  5. Very nice. Id like to buy one but don’t see this particular poster on the shop…

  6. It’s coming soon! Stay updated on my Instagram or follow me on Reddit!

  7. Have one for the CL1 Euro R?

  8. Not yet! But I did collaborate with Nightrunner and made on for his CL7! You can find it on my Instagram 🙌

  9. Dope. Did those wheels come stock from Mazda?

  10. They did! But only on the Infini IV car from Japan 😮‍💨

  11. Thought this was a real poster. Nice job

  12. Thanks haha I appreciate the nice feedback 😌😌

  13. Normally not a fan of these style of kits but this looks really nice

  14. I’m planning on making one for it! Stay tuned on my Instagram!

  15. This is pretty awesome! How do you usually do commissions? Do people just send you a gallery of photos of their car to pick and choose from?

  16. Hey sorry for being late to this comment! If you’re interested you can shoot me a dm on Instagram! Cheers ✌🏼

  17. I do custom commissions! If you’re interested you can shoot me a DM on Instagram ✌🏼

  18. I would do questionable things to have an EK9 Si or even an EM1 body Civic again. Closest I ever had was my 1998 Civic LX which was my first car. Hated it at the time because it was slow, no V-Tec, and it sat way low to the ground, couldnt keep up on the highway with only 97hp. Handed it down to my sister and it wa totaled in an accident, she didnt cause it and she is compeltely fine thank god but still I would probably give an eye or a finger just to have one again.

  19. Damn that’s so unfortunate, I’m sorry to hear that 😓 I also used to have a 00’ CX hatch which I eventually sold and regret it to this day. Clean examples are hard to come by nowadays and all I can do now is just hang posters of them since even a CX hatch is going for over 5k.. 😓

  20. Brilliant👍 If you do the poster with the bronze NB I will order them both!

  21. Thank you! Noted I’ll definitely be making a Miata series 🤩

  22. If anybody’s interested in buying this as a poster it’s finally for sale!

  23. Beautiful. My favorite gen celica of all time.

  24. i love it, i would love to purchase one for the z31 300zx if you have one planned for the future

  25. I second this request! I would hang it immediately 😮‍💨 your work is amazing dude

  26. For anyone interested in buying one, my shop link is

  27. Damn, boi. I have less of an excuse now ... And they're still amazing ! I wanna order them all 🥹

  28. Thank you for the kind words haha! I really appreciate the support 🥹

  29. You can message me on Instagram @archived.oi for a custom commission! Or on Reddit 😅

  30. Longchamps - Silvia - Boxer ! All looking so good ! U're doing a great job, I love it. A bit expensive, considering shipping and customs to Europe, but it's really great design.

  31. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support 😌 I hear ya, I’m definitely trying to find a way to make it easier for my international followers. I’ll work on it!

  32. Check out archived.oi! They make some amazing posters for some even cooler cars!

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