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  1. I love my oversized hoodies tho ☹️

  2. The Headless and SpiritFalls are technically the same. But yeah, i like the idea. The only problem is that most people of the server have 100%ed the game including myself. So yeah i have done all of that. Quite a fun Journey

  3. We are playing with randomized items and enemies, so getting spiritfalls and headless are two different challanges ^

  4. This is my first MH game. Friends always tell me about an ancient potion that maxed your life and stamina, which explains their disappointment about the cute little birdies, but I don't care, I love rise

  5. Wait until you get a certain prosthetic tool which will make headless a joke.

  6. As domeone who just learned to confetty rush headless: what tool?

  7. Ofc just go right after you enter the sunken valley you find very good loot and weirdly suspicious pool there

  8. I think you meant left, but yeah, sunken valley pretty early

  9. Tiny Epic Galaxies doesn't need that much room

  10. So clearly you really weren't wondering what people teach in the US. It was a bad faith post.

  11. I just wanna know if there is really anything that bothers you or if you are just mindlessly chanting along 😉

  12. No, you don't. You want to call anything I respond as "racist", "misogynist", or some other nonsense.

  13. Thank you for confirming my suspicions 🤣

  14. "Sisters and brothers and non-binary others" is so much nicer that my usual "bitches and bros and non-binary hoes" 😅

  15. Thx for the chuckle, you made my day a little better xD

  16. Dat sind NFTs? Hab ich nicht mal gerafft XD

  17. Seh ich so aus als würde ich AGBs lesen?

  18. Why do liberals pretend their kids said something super genius on Twitter?

  19. I don't even think that's a Rebecca moment. Only male deers having antlers would be something coming up when watching Rudolph on christmas and 5 year olds beeing smartasses when they can use the one thing they learned is not really unreasonable

  20. Gefühlt werden die Spiele aber auch immer beschissener. Alleine mal durch den Origin Store zu blättern, ist ein wirklich ausnahmsloses Trauerspiel geworden. Ubisoft genauso Müll, keine Reihe die richtig bockt & nicht mit der nächsten leblosen 08/15 Open World um die Ecke kommt. Kann man vermutlich beliebig weiter führen, so ne Aufzählung…

  21. Die Indie Szene wurde dafür um welten besser. Einige meiner lieblings spiele aller zeiten sind aus den letzten 5 Jahren (Outer Wilds, Hollow Knight, The Messenger...)

  22. Sometimes I forget that America punishes you for running away from the cops or for breaking out from prison. You guys are weird

  23. SS Isshin. Took me hours to beat him first, nowadays when I play the randomizer I always hope I get an early Isshin for easy wins ^

  24. Jetzt mal so ohne Kontext klingt das als würde Putin die hälfte seiner Armee ohne Waffen und die andere hälfte ohne Munition los schicken...

  25. How did America going from being the most desirable place to live in the western world to the least? good grief.

  26. America has entered my standard list for "Crazy religious nations" like Iran or Saudi-Arabia when the topic comes on

  27. The floor fire explosions phase 2 Shura Isshin does

  28. I started using fire crackers on that, but since that's his only strong atta k he's a pushover now 😅

  29. Y'all sure aren't complaining about military spending when we're sending weapons to Ukraine to beat the shit out of Putin.

  30. There's a big difference between helping a country defend itself and throwing multi million missiles on farmers in the middle east...

  31. If you actually think there US is purposely throwing ordnance like that at farmers deliberately, you're deluded.

  32. You do realize there's a person exiled from your country because he showed the world that this is the case?

  33. As a German I have to say: The best thing the French ever did was decapitating their royals

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