1. Good stuff give them to me omm nomm nomm I love Xanax

  2. This man gave you that food😭😭😭 throw that shit out

  3. U need a better plug then I have several if one doesn’t have it on to the next

  4. I live in some what of a small town all people wanna move here is shrooms and weed I ask day in and day out for a guy and nobody can ever point me in the right direction. I’m interested in using the onions but I have no idea how to even start and I don’t wanna go to jail or get scammed

  5. It’s makes me so mad bc Ik it’s all around me (outside of Philly) but I can never fuckin score on the regular

  6. Why are There so many people like this in our state??? Fuck man one of the many reasons I hate it here along w the cold

  7. Man I’d give my left nut just to figure out how😭😭😭 I’m so tired of only being able to score once a month if lucky on 10 15s and then I see this shit I just don’t get it lmaoo

  8. Your better of going threw squish directly, he always throws in free shit with every order

  9. This is gonna sound stupid but dudes in Canada don’t ship internationally do they? I’ve been trying to find a legit plug myself. Tired of local plugs

  10. At this someone needs to spill the sauce esp for drank be keeping me good when I had it, gotta learn to pinch but nobody teaches that for any ring I can afford

  11. What if we pay you after you tell us :)

  12. Sorry g but he’s right people really gotta stop this “perc” talk not 1 thing anyone is taking is a “perc”

  13. Waiting on 3 rn you got me fiending😂😂😂

  14. For me it’s how I get my day started lmao sounds a little fiendy but I feel it locks me in and helps me focus

  15. I use whatever. Sativa and indica is more a term of the past with all the strains out now days basically everything is a hybrid. If you want strains that lift you up vs relax you I would look into learning about the terpenes I believe that’s what mainly decides what strain does what to you.

  16. Sometimes I get headaches when I’m high and also when I’m not. Not sure why it happens sometimes while using but pretty sure it is just a symptom of withdrawal

  17. Oxy must be hard to get these days and expensive huh?

  18. Talk to it. Love talking to my cats on cid

  19. Anybody else start thinking about their marriage while staring into mirrors?

  20. I wish I was you. We paying 20 dollars for 0.9g here, before everyone tells me I'm being scammed, I know bitch we all is

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