1. Wait a minute, yesterday it was attack on modi community, now OBC? wat next? Attack on Sanatan Dharma? Or directly milky way galaxy??

  2. and some of them have suffered in jail due to this democratic culture which is in our veins..

  3. What does it mean all 74 matches live?? Is there a case where they can quit mid season?? What are they english players??

  4. Actually both of them have three golden ducks in one series and 3 golden ducks in entire career..

  5. par bhai santan dharmo wala kao to koi rashtra hona chiya naa,

  6. Come on.. we have PTSD of these 10 wicket wins.. put an NSFW tag atleast..

  7. Lmao it's you again, you're obsessed with Kohli

  8. nah.. this sub is obsessed with kohli.. im more of annoyed with their

  9. 12th ache se pdlo bhai.. ye khalistan valistan me apna dimag mat kharab karo..

  10. Nah.. i will make posts more and u can cry there ☕️

  11. What do u mean singlehandy, there are 2 other 50+ scores with 100+SR in this match.. everyone of them trashed our bowlers..

  12. Guess how many times this has been reposted today.. (still very difficult tho)

  13. If only our two set batsmen didnt play braindead shots

  14. Sky is taking a 360 route from dugout to pitch to dugout in this series.. living true to this title

  15. You know comments are not always "arguements" or contradicting the previous comment. I was just adding on to the fact that Koach doesn't call anyone BC, own teammate or opposition (like the guy said) literally. He just says BC because of a habit, and even if he calls his teammates BC, it's like a person using foul language among his friends.

  16. You ended the comment with a question as if you are negating to his comment.. thats where it confused me.. its like u r defending someone but not the right person..

  17. Just supporting the "Also i don't think......with his "BC is not a slur if said by a Delhiite to his friends........He is defending Kohli and just adding to the previous comment.

  18. Kls marriage has nothing to do with his performances. Rohit being fat has everything to do with his performances. Was inzi ever the best of his generation or his career was as long as ponting or sachin? Its not about look, athletes should not have that kind of fitness level.

  19. Oh god.. rohit is in fine flow despite look like that compared to ultra fit kohli.. not everyone has to be sachin or ponting.. inzi has a freaking 49 average in the long format out of 120 matches dude.. if u stop thinking out of ur ass u would how good inzi was.. it’s basically ridiculous to even argue with someone who doesn’t know shit about a player..

  20. Inzi was not shit when compared to sachin and ponting who were best of his generation and look at all the runouts inzi caused by being unfit. These are not body shaming memes. An athlete has to be fit and Rohit’s avg is not comparable to what kohli has done mate, more than 70 centuries how many does rohit have?

  21. How does his past centuries matter now dude.. he has the worst avg in tests (where fitness matters the most) since last 3 years while rohit has best in overseas record and good

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