1. Yes, and we provide laundry detergent as well.

  2. Then I wouldn't provide a second set of sheets.

  3. No idea! I just asked if they were hiring, and they asked my availability for an interview and gave me no further details.

  4. It's like an art exhibit/taxidermy place, it's pretty small and opened around the beginning of this year so it's fairly new.

  5. Have you considered short term rental? Like Airbnb.

  6. I’m interested by this map, but is it just me, or I’d the resolution so poor as to make parts of it unreadable…?

  7. I used to work for OnStar and I fully agree.

  8. It makes me think the person is a white supremacist.

  9. Have you tried calling and texting the guest?

  10. It's hard to know a guest is a local before accepting unless s/he says something, but yes if you can tell the guest is a local, decline.

  11. Are the email addresses of the people who contacted you from novaremed.com?

  12. They were in a relationship. But killing ex-landlord gets more clicks than ex-boyfriend.

  13. The house is on Gilead-owned property in Canada, which the Canadian govt had "frozen". They "unfroze" it, to better relations with the Gilead Insane Assylum Country. Therefore, it is Gilead territory, but in physically located in Canada.

  14. He's....I think unhinged is the the best way to frame it.

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