1. Funny thing is, I work with a lot of former Publix workers bc we pay better yet they charge more for stuff. Must be great for their margins tho

  2. Michael said himself that he buys Chewy for his kids bc the OG explode into crumbs with each bite and it’s just a mess, Chewy is better

  3. I'm not sure what the issue was but they seem to be working now.

  4. Thank you, hero. Btw you were great as the pterodactyls, I feel like that spawned the monkey

  5. O/N I just get a box of the bold chip mix and alternate flavors throughout the night with a red bull

  6. Will also add I’m with the Newports guy, 2 Marlboro each break as well

  7. Everyone is better than you, not because we are better people in general but because you see yourself as lesser and put yourself on a lower plane. Once you get over being a lesser person you can begin to elevate yourself. Being a nasty person doesn't make you more, it makes you less. Yes, I lowered myself in order to explain this to you because you needed it explained.

  8. You're getting this vibe after you've spent hours talking shit to employees that you think you're better than? Your cookies likely aren't on the shelf bc of supply issues, which are everywhere in the store. Go drink your milk and bask in your weird sense of superiority. You could have easily googled "vizpick" but you came here for the attention. Have a good night!

  9. Damn you got defensive fast, work on yourself, maybe see a therapist. I rolled my eyes seeing a customer post, but you seem damaged with how quick you took offense lol

  10. Only time I’ve hit someone with my cart was when I left my cart to grab a can of soup and once I put it in tote 1 I started to push off again and an old man had squatted down right in front of my cart to get something while I wasn’t looking. I apologized profusely and he understood, but it honestly shocked me bc I never saw him on the aisle or bending down to get something.

  11. I agree, I was literally crying laughing at work last night listening to James’ Dumper character from the Mothman RPG they did

  12. Don't bag as you go. They tell you to buy most people don't since it fucks your rate up (for example my bagging rate was I think 80 but end bagging was ~110).

  13. Your pick rate sucks. I can easily bag as I go and manage at least 130? You having a 30 point differential bc you’re dim and can’t bag isn’t an excuse. You’re still wasting time bagging after you finish your walk. You’re too worried about your pick time, I bet you don’t even use meat bags appropriately.

  14. Dungeons and Daddies is top tier, I’d have to recommend Podcast But Outside, Tiny Meat Gang, Zero Degrees, and Hat Chat

  15. My uncle felt like this, left his wife, teenage daughter and son behind. He put on a brave face till he drove to work one day and ended it in the parking lot, nobody else seemed to see his suffering. Hear him.

  16. You’re not alone, and I’m in the states. Sometimes you just need to decompress, as long as you’re still a functional, responsible member of society, I’d say you’re fine

  17. Seems more efficient to do it the F&F Tokyo Drift style where all the cars are parked in a spinning wheel

  18. "I cum mud" gets 5 Stars. "Scrobbles" gets 3.5 for being iconic as hell, but very far off the timelline.

  19. My bad, didn’t understand the timeline, I did my best coach

  20. Not really a fair test bc I’d guess the real competition is between F**kface and Face Jam, not that the other podcasts aren’t good

  21. Years ago, before Reddit, I saw an execution video of a guy sitting against a wall getting decapitated with a chainsaw while still alive. Seeing him flinch away as soon as it bit his neck but the executioner persisting and finishing the job still remains as the only clip that sticks in my mind, most of this other stuff I forget about pretty easily

  22. Holy shit, and you guys still stay with Publix when Walmart pays better? Walmart sucks dick and fuck your schedule sometimes but they don’t pull this bs lol I love seeing this sub, makes me feel like things aren’t so bad

  23. Looks to me like you had the option to pick it, yeah overdue, but definitely done by 11. But hey, that’s OGP, everybody else’s fault except mine. Not like it’s the only department that has viewable stats by individual and can be compared. Quit crying

  24. Wtf, kill the camera man. Why was that so zoomed to cut out the impact?

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