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  1. I lost all respect for Simmons once he tried to force his way out of Philly, basically sat a season (while collecting checks) by using every reason in the book like soreness, back issues, and the worst....mental health. Sorry you can't handle the pressure of being an NBA player, but that is not a mental health crisis.

  2. The thing is that I would've thought going through the gauntlet of junior leagues, HS, College athletics would've been far harder than when you're already a bonafide star.

  3. https://hiphopdx.com/news/nas-kings-disease-4-50-cent-feature

  4. Dope. KD3 features. KD4 all features.

  5. Woah. Share your process and model! That's crazy.

  6. I’m training it now while I’m at work should be better in 8 hours when I’m off.

  7. What's the name of the tech? I'm only familiar with AI image generation tech. Training faces is pretty trivial to do. I'd like to know a little bit about how it's done for audio/voices.

  8. Mackie actually just found some nazis and beat them up the camera just kept rolling while he do so

  9. Marvel decided to just film Mackie as he lives his life. Cap 4 will be a documentary.

  10. Well duh, how else do you think we get the mutant turtles? A nuclear winter is implied.

  11. When i see the mushroom cloud over my city; “marketing roll out for this game is lit”

  12. It's all about intention. I used to be annoyed when some people did the "Ni Hao" thing and then they stand there smiling expectantly like they're waiting for some compliments or something. Sometimes my annoyance is not warranted but you have to understand it's complicated. It's nice when someone is genuine and has appreciation for the language and culture. But many times, people say it in a derogatory way to mock Asians too. So I get suspicious when someone says it to me. And also, often times they don't even know me so you've made assumptions that #1, I'm Chinese, #2 what the fuck do want me to do with that? And their accent is so off and they obviously don't know the language so I'm not going to speak it to you. PLUS, my Chinese is horrible anyways and we both speak English so let's just be normal people instead. LOL.

  13. Bruh WHAT was that example .. “speaking ghetto” 😭🙃 I’m struggling to see how that fits in this conversation. Black people speak a myriad of languages in Africa, Latin America, everywhere… why would you use “ghetto”

  14. The push the point of inappropriateness.

  15. For some reason this is less than I expected for the building - it's a historical and super iconic piece of history.

  16. First thought was it's a steal when you consider that the high level apartments on billionaire's row went for hundred million range.

  17. It all seems like it was meticulously planned because it luckily looks put together after 15 years of hindsight.

  18. They're all loosely based on existing comics so there's some fabric to connect them all. So even without a good game plan, they're all tied to a common lore which helps a lot in finding connective tissue.

  19. But the comics have exactly the same issue. The comics aren't a cohesive common law. It's a mess of ideas and concepts that don't really fit together. This is why comics have to constantly reset or fall back on the "err... It all happened in a different universe".

  20. Yea, so with all the continuity flaws in the MCU, we can just point to the original lore and say it's totally in line with the comics. Hot mess MCU -> hot mess comics. It's being true to the source material.

  21. Oh I struggle with prespective all the time to man like goodness its really a hard skill to even attempt let alone master it(hopefully get anywhere near it tho) anyways thanks for the compliment man much appreciated!

  22. I remember doing that exact sane picture you did and Magneto ended up with a tiny arm. I'm such a Jim Lee nerd I even bought the huge 3 foot tall coffee table book so I can have a huge version of the art. To me, every panel Jim Lee drew was a poster. I miss those days.

  23. Relax. He was talking about Stephanie Mavunga of WNBA's Indiana Fever.

  24. Someone get this guy a contract!

  25. Duh. Don' t be such a mong..

  26. I mean. Hasn’t Trump been on the verge of indictment for about 10 years now and it never comes? I won’t believe it until it happens. I’m so numb to it that i assume any news on it is just sensationalized.

  27. OMG! Is that Steve Martin and Martin Short?!!!!

  28. I think there might be something sketchy going on business-wise there. Drunken Chicken also runs Moriyan Ramen out of the same kitchen, and they previously ran La Mian Lounge down the block, which didn't last long. I think they may also be involved with Bund somehow? I used to live on that block and would see the same people bouncing from place to place during the day.

  29. It's not sketchy and common. Restaurants are expensive to keep open. So they will sell a separate menu as a separate restaurant that is to-go only. Or they share kitchen with a separate to-go only business. They're called ghost kitchens.

  30. Overly paranoid. Buy wallets direct always. The scam wallets are from 3rd parties and resellers.

  31. Coach looks at Shohei and nods. Shohei grins widely and takes off the ankle weights he's been wearing the whole time.

  32. I don't have proof but that's a MAN, baby.. YEAH!

  33. I wonder how much of the Atlantis show Mike Mignola incorporated into BPRD. Or was it the other way around?

  34. Mike Mignola! Same guy who was a Marvel comic book artist in the 90s? He had a great unique style. Very kinetic and iconic.

  35. Yup same dude created hell boy and redesigned Mr. Freeze DC in the 90's inspiring the BatMan the animated series version. I just wanted to say y'all should pat yourselves on the back for being the good kind of fans maybe it's just the way of

  36. I just went down the rabbit hole. I was familiar with his stuff because I was into comics in JHS. Originally I didn't like it because it wasn't conventional but then as started to appreciate styles and who can bring out vibes and feels, Mike was a true artist. Way ahead of his time.

  37. It was a question about the snake vs lizard civil war wasn't it?

  38. I prefer Legs vs No Legs war.

  39. In the 80s it was bandanas and handkerchiefs. Used to call it the "hanky code". The color, pattern, and display location indicated one's status as single, cruising, swinger, top, bottom, etc.

  40. Imagine all the attention a straight guy who was a handkerchief aficianado was getting? Damn, people really love my scarves. I’m killing it!

  41. The guy above might have heard of it, but doesn't actually know that much.

  42. Someone insert a meme of the hands shaking where one side is "gays" and the other hand is "crips and bloods" and in the middle where the hands are shaking is "bandanas"

  43. Don't measure Bitcoin prices in US Dollars. It's an unnecessary advertisement for the US Dollar.

  44. HODL until 1btc = 1million pizzas

  45. I never understood why this is what people think wealth is about. Some of the richest people have insane car collections. Some of the richest also drive 10 year old cars. All that means to me is that some rich people love cars and some don’t.

  46. That's deep. So they're... like people..

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