1. Does anyone else get the 'drive now' menu when starting on waze?

  2. Yes. I don't need to calculate work and home as it's less than a 10 minute drive for me and the same route. I hate that I have to close it everytime.

  3. Not just me who thinks that then. Hope this gets fixed when it comes out of beta.

  4. I was on 4.35, updated now to 4.36. I'll see how it goes over the next few days.

  5. Is there a way to set the 1:1 view back to stretched?

  6. Because we make it 1:1 ratio, if we use the stretch mode, it will be strange. We removed the stretch mode as a result. But we will add the "click to expand" feature in v4.37.

  7. Thanks for replying. Did you contact support (

  8. Yes but no response yet. Did they get back to you?

  9. Yup, but only with "check your phone battery settings". I now asked them to look into the issue more deeply.

  10. That 100 Watt panel is a toy. There are three basic grades of panels, the lowest being 'Consumer', the middle work horse panel is 'Commercial' where you get a reasonable warrenty, and the manufacturer is someone you have heard of, the top of the line is 'Industral', and those cost mega-bucks. They have super rigid frames, super strong glass, weigh a crap load more... The ones you see in most home applications are Commercial, a cost and weight effective compromise.

  11. The settings will depend on the distance of the speakers from your seating position. You can always calibrate them with a sound pressure meter and a pink noise generator. See this video

  12. Having the exact same problem here.

  13. I just used the nest support live chat thing.

  14. Shame really, oh well 🤷‍♂️

  15. Do we have a UK release date for this yet?

  16. Went from a bose soundtouch 300 with sub and rear to q950. Sound quality is a little better. For movies and atmos its way better. For music not so much. The bass from the bose was better (costs 700$ alone).

  17. Not at all. It can be very loud (i have mine set to -2). The bass from the bose was tighter and less boomy. It just sounded different. You would expect that when it costs 700 alone

  18. Dell optiplexes go for peanuts on eBay, add an ssd, a NIC (£12~) and a tp link omada or Aruba instant on ap

  19. This not high power consumption? (High energy costs here)

  20. Build your own. Unifi UAP 6 access point and a cheap 2nd hand small form factor desktop pc. Thow in a good network card and run pfsense or sophos xg. Going to work better than 90% of the stuff out there.

  21. I'm not sure I'm techincal enough for the pc/pfsense setup.😬

  22. Yup, same here after updated to android 12 ☹️

  23. Never backup your phone while being jailbroken will corrupt the backup

  24. Really? I’ve restored from ‘jailbroken’ backups before with no apparent side affects

  25. Oh I may have worded that wrong... I meant restoring to the latest iOS without jailbreaking then using a backup from a jailbroken iOS

  26. I installed one if these in an '08 plate Citroen C4, I'm big on tech, Torque, Waze and Spotify have all been great.

  27. I'm sure the setting for this can only be accessed via the original head unit on the Citoren's so you'll have to put it in to change the setting... but maybe disconnecting it resets everything to default.

  28. I really appreciate the response to this, I didn't have any feedback over on XDA.

  29. No problem! It’s also possible there could be a bug with the androids MCU, it might be possible to update it or there could be an app already installed that handles the communication between the car and the head unit.

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