1. How many times will this be reposted?

  2. Red and black antennae waving

  3. How much time are you off the ship? Acadia National park isn’t too far away and the cruise line may have an excursion available. I love Acadia, it’s wonderful!

  4. On our cruise over thanksgiving last year, a man wore assless chaps around (and in) the pool all day. Obviously it was comfortable to him and I didn’t see or hear anyone with an issue other than the occasional male saying they wish they had the confidence to also pull that off.

  5. This take is spicy as hell, though I do not agree with it

  6. Since they have stopped manufacturing the cap/dome style ears, I wish I had broadened my collection pre-2021. I always got at least 1 pair of ears on every trip but now it’s difficult to find new ones. I will say that I got the 50th anniversary and 100th anniversary on my last trip, but it was damn near impossible to find any on the trip before that.

  7. Good idea, my vinyls are pretty meat and potatoes

  8. Falafel Inc, NuVegan (vegan comfort food)

  9. Just saw you’re near DuPont. I’ve done a BYO taco bar from Well Dressed Burrito (not sure about POC ownership) catering (name is escaping me), but it was solid.

  10. You must hit cars land at sunset- once the neon lights turn on, it’s a whole different atmosphere!

  11. They really screwed up my cut and my beard. Won’t go back, especially because of the hefty price.

  12. Former Congressional intern here- my biggest suggestion is, if you live in the US, to reach out to you Member of Congress (best to call their DC office) and ask for the correct contact to help with Capitol Tours. That contact should be able to schedule you a free tour of the Capitol. Beyond that, they should also be able to schedule other free tours of cool places including: Kennedy Center, State Department, info on Supreme Court tours, and more. When I interned, I had a whole binder full of info on how to schedule these for constituents.

  13. Btw only numbers 1 and 3 will be free guided tours. The others will still be free but no tour guide

  14. Congrats!! My wife and I eloped during peak bloom a couple years back and had Kir Tubin do an short photo shoot with us:

  15. I dislike bozzuto overall, but didn’t dislike your post.

  16. That's so fucking absurd that I almost wonder if you're of a protected class and they didn't want to rent to you but had to come up with some bizarre reason.

  17. It made zero sense to us too- I’m guessing it was a requirement of that single property but totally unsure. I was not a protected class.

  18. Sanaa veggie curry and the inspired menu are really good

  19. Not at all. His body will lie in state at the Capitol, but that won’t affect anything else.

  20. This could actually add to the experience as they open up to the public for part of this, and it is extremely rare to be able to witness someone laying in state. Of course, not wishing ill on anyone.

  21. Seconding Oyster Oyster (I’m also a vegetarian). Fancy Radish is also delish! RPM has both good vegetarian and non vegetarian options. Little Pearl was very good the last time I went, but since then I’ve heard of some subpar experiences.

  22. I am down to get a watch party group going for this upcoming season! My wife is most likely interested too - she’s iffy on Survivor some seasons. We are in Navy Yard

  23. Also in Navy Yard and also interested (me and my wife)

  24. Boogity boogity boogity, let’s go racing!

  25. Did you read the article? It says that it was being investigated, and that search warrant was being applied for to do a further search of the yard. The responding officers didn't just say "thank you" and close the case.

  26. I would assume they would bring in the resident for questioning at a minimum. This isn’t an all or nothing choice (arrest or do nothing)

  27. If you’re ok with a fun vibe, check out Players Club

  28. I'd honestly rather have Flores, Kafka, Lou, Steichan, Quinn, Reich, than this guy.

  29. Flores was the best case scenario. Once we lost out on him, I knew it was a bad sign.

  30. The happiest person about this hire is Kyler. No way this rookie coach has the stones to correct Kyler or KM’s bad attitude

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