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  1. I thought this was the coolest blotter art ever until I read the title. You gotta turn this into sheets

  2. I built a pit and lured one into it, mainly because one kept spawning near my base and smashing my bridge.

  3. Can you explain more about this? You dug a pit and went on the other side of it and the troll fell in? Or does it's AI cause it to run around the hole and you have to use some technique?

  4. Here in Alabama, we call it a bungholesplasher. I ain't no French pussy. Yeehaw

  5. Right?! The proper space is also something I'm curious about having or not. Thanks for some direction into a good community my friend!

  6. You barely need any space for personal amounts. I got my setup in a little 3ftx1ft corner of a shelf in the top of my closet. Regularly get 3-4 zips by the end of their life cycle. Do it! Its fun, and you get to go to space afterwards.

  7. Actually no its not.. I was attemping to be "lively" as I am socicially ackward. The little things might be different from seed to seed, or maybe the length? Not sure. Since its randomly generated, there is possibility of little easter eggs of misfortune and or oppurtinity.

  8. Don't let these haters get to you man. People are so itchy to correct online. (Or real life) it's just human nature. Glad you're enjoying the game. I find it fascinating too. The devs did a great job adding sooo much depth and realism. Enjoy your adventure man! ✌️

  9. Hey, I'm sort of new to the game. What is a turtle island? And if it is on a turtle, does it move around?

  10. Nope. I print my PDFs and my YouTube videos too /s lol

  11. It was probably closer to 100ug never trust a “300ug” street tab as in its absolutely not 300ug I swear thats just the default dose all these guys say

  12. Its a slippery slope. Say ur tabs are 100ug and be honest, customers see the people lying saying 300ug and buy them instead because they're "better". So you almost have to lie or be honest and lose customers due to their ignorance

  13. I got caught with a spore syringe once. They thought I was on heroin lmao

  14. When I saw this, I was like what a dumb idea for a subreddit. But then I went there, holy shit do they got some cools lights

  15. The good ol' 2nd knuckle chuckle

  16. Wow mushrooms beat acid? Wasn't expecting that

  17. Work makes you feel hollow inside too eh?

  18. The Misadventures of Fister and Fingerboy

  19. That's an album name right there


  21. I'm so glad you found it. I looked all over and couldn't get a link. What a strange video lol

  22. its crazy to me that alcohol is the most accepted drug there is, cant think of anything except maybe like meth or high dose of benzos that would make you do disgusting shit like this

  23. Ever saw the dude with a lamp up his ass tripping? Dude looked like the Pixar lamp

  24. Personally, I'd go with the two tabs and go out with a bang. That is if you can buy acid again pretty easily. One tab is fun and all but I usually end up feeling underwhelmed

  25. Hopefully you start having them grow off the walls. That'd be awesome

  26. LSD may have saved my life, I’ve been suicidal since I the 3rd or 4th grade so my first cid trip sophomore year was amazing. Orange pyramid gels, some good doors and tool songs through my stereo, a room full of posters, lava lamps, blacklight you name it. Long story short for a brief few hours I didn’t want to die and that gave me a little hope to carry on…

  27. When you learn how magic life can be, there's really no reason to leave. As a band I listen to says "Despite what is missing, it's a life worth living."

  28. Thank you for detailed answer. How do we top up exactly? 1 pack split for two, then after 1-2 hours top up if needed? I am really hoping to hit the shroom sweet spot, but also I am preparing for outcomes. PS This may seem strange, but I've read here that writing things down, like "I took shrooms it's all ok" on piece of paper or maybe a hand, helps one to cool down if too high. I am probably overthinking this all, as it is supposed to be good, small dose for first time, according to the sales person. But one can ask questions:)

  29. You'll be good. 2gs is a solid dose. Just let the experience flow and you'll have no worries. Have a fun time ✌️

  30. Comes in like a soccer player, goes out looking like a hockey player

  31. Why does religion and schizophrenia go hand in hand?

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