1. As someone who also has a thousand yard stare when problems occur, ill agree there are probably unknown issues going on.

  2. 3 dates may have been magical for you but its an awfully short time to book a flight for a spontaneous visit. That probably scared him, even if he nodded his head and agreed, its kinda hard to tell someone no when the tickets have already been bought.

  3. She might be busy with work family school etc... Even if you see her posting on social media it doesnt mean that shes present.

  4. There's another entry in the tunnel formed by the tree remnants

  5. If you're stuck on this... there are 2 remarkable chests in the tunnel as well iirc (see video). Guess which area I didn't have at 100% for weeks because I couldn't find the chests...

  6. I only hate that i cant get her. She expired in my mailbox or something because i was around for her release and didnt get her. =∆= and now i never can...

  7. Im sorry but even if you wish and wish and spend as much money as you want some characters only come around 1-2 times a year when they are on the banner. :( Some characters are added to the banner pool later , so check the description before you wish. If you want xiao , now might be the best time to get him.

  8. If you dont drink at bars, why would you try to meet a future partner at a bar. That doesnt make sense.

  9. Bc that's like the only places my friends go and I don't/can't want to go to other venues alone.

  10. So first off, maybe try dating alone instead of with a group pf friends. You can control the environment and its actually less intimidating for a conversation. Like for example we all act way different witha friends around vs a 1x1 .

  11. Maybe use a different word for crazy instead to make your point? Like do you meanpeople who are just very spontaneous?

  12. Chongyuns cryo application wont work with wanderer since he uses a catalyst. Id say kayea is best for normal dmg and burst. Everyone owns himand he self heals, has a shield with constellations , and can be burst swapped very easy.

  13. Thats perfectly fine, lots of people do this for religious values as well. But keep in mind:

  14. Getting muscular is not going to change your life. If you want to be jacked, great. But muscles donot = attractive or healthy. Keep in mind everyone is different. Some people are attracted to it, others are not. So do it for yourself, if you want the change.

  15. For my methodology of pulling in terms of "gaps," I'd have to go with Alhaitham over Yelan. I love Yelan and she was my main for several months, but since it doesn't look like you have any Dendro characters yet other than Collei (and Traveler obvs), Alhaitham might be more beneficial in the long run (despite not being as good as Yelan, he fills a specific requirement team-comp wise, while Qingqiu is decent as a Yelan substitute).

  16. I second this. Nahida just had a banner rerun, so if* your holding out you may not get a dendro unit for another year, until they release new characters. Yao yao is also on alhaithams banner which will give you a fair chance at getting at least a support dendro.

  17. Simple answer is to play on pc, so you customize the sprite however you want ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Hat on/hat off? Sure. Why not? Ralsei with muscles? Heck ya!

  18. Is this all your characters? If you happen to be hoarding a sucrose, shes perfect for anemo battery and grouping enemies for xiao to plunge. Faruzan is good too but shes a completely different unit with constellations, without them she holds back the team due to her massive energy consumption.

  19. + barbara and xiangling, you can put both of their es on the field and with xiao swirling you can get constant vaporize and swirl.

  20. If youve happened across a strange key on your journey, one of the uses is you can head back to town and open a new shop that can get your shade backfrom difficult spots.

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