1. I recommend listening to Chamath on Lex Fridman podcast. His daily routine is legit just working out and therapy and reading and podcasting. He essentially doesn’t do anything but cultivate relationships all day. Yet someone making $150k a year at a company he is backing isnt allowed to do that?

  2. First time I went to a casino at 18, I bought a roll of quarters and the whole roll went down the slot without a single payout. Maybe lasted a whole 2 minutes. I thought this is the stupidest thing ever.

  3. But what if you won $500 with that roll of quarters? ⊂ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ⊃

  4. OP here, I have always wished they made variants like the blue bezel and green bezel subs as no date variants as well. If the Starbucks, kermit, whatever you want to call it, came in a no date variant, how many would prefer that variant over the date? Personally, I’d always choose no date.

  5. Both have their charm bruther

  6. Yeah definitely not the Giants. We're about half a roster away from a Super Bowl. The team is absolutely devoid of talent.

  7. Wow am I on reddit and no one correcting Balenciaga? I am impressed.

  8. Very cool. Does it smell like marb reds inside?

  9. People here will fucking hate me for saying this here, but I would consider buying like 40+ SOL with the $500.

  10. They aren’t perfect but I was really proud of these Devil’s presses. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 3 months and I feel stronger, have more endurance, have lost some inches but only like 6 pounds. Im proud of what I’ve done so far but man after 3 months I feel like I should have lost a lot more or something. Really difficult to wrap my mind around the slow pace of all this but I’m not stopping. Just gotta remind myself that this will take a whole lot of time.

  11. Dont stop. Ignore social media “this is what i look like in 6 weeks” nonsense. Even when everything feels like you aren’t progressing or you’re too sore or tired (not injury level but normal tired). Keep going and you’ll eventually look back and realize how far you’ve gone and how you engrained an amazing habit in your life that has become a part of you.

  12. Just put in a waiver claim for Myers, cheers

  13. Whered you get the sale prices from as of today

  14. when guys are vocal during sex. especially when they're whining, whimpering, crying, ect yeah. so maybe just pathetic men

  15. Would you happen to have a Spotify playlist?

  16. What you are describing is pretty common for people in the early years of career-building. Jobs are hard and advancement is pretty competitive, so the desire to reward oneself becomes strong. IMVVHE I have found that the best way to address this is to "not see" the money. By this I mean that rather than discuss the need to save, negotiate with your SO on HOW to save.

  17. 100% this, i think she falls into the reward self tendency alot as a younger woman. and yes agreed, great way to implement savings off the bat, which she has started contributing to and i hope continues to do.

  18. Demonstrate you are not into material items by giving her a great night out on the town or week end get away. Tell her you have no material needs when she ask what you want and would prefer an experience as a gift. So if your income potential is greater than hers and you have concerns about her financial attitudes and behavior now expect them to continue during the marriage.

  19. yes i think she would also find value in experiences as well like a quick weekend getaway vs. meaningless spending on fashion and jewelry

  20. Pushing that thumb into a clenched fist like a politician.

  21. You’re a wide knuckled lad. And I mean that as a compliment. I don’t want any trouble.

  22. You can kiss them if you want

  23. So the thesis of the coin is it burns tokens? Wen party

  24. Wait you make $180k a year and only keep $1,000 a month? Might want to look at expenses and that $25K will accumulate a lot faster.

  25. Idk whats happening but i love it

  26. Who would pay money to tweet? Even if its a fraction of a doge

  27. Me - 59YO F / USA: $91k yearly salary, $225k in 401k, $300k equity in home, vehicle paid for, didn't go to college so no education loans. We live pretty well in a relatively HiCoL area. Have about $2,200 in checking account.

  28. It is a VERY small vacation home, but still a nice place to get away.

  29. May i come for the weekend?

  30. Easy to make money when you have lots of money.

  31. Yes, most rich tech people would've heard about Bitcoin well before the common middle class person, and also, a common middle class person would've maybe thrown a few hundred bucks at it , whereas she can peel off $100K no problem as a runner.

  32. You could see it in his face

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