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  1. I got a long lecture about how exclusively breastfeeding is a good contraceptive method as it stops ovulation. I've been exclusively breastfeeding for 11 months now, and had my period back for 8 months, so if I had followed this GPs advice I would be pregnant again I guess.

  2. I'm surprised they said that, they usually go the other way and say not to rely on it. I've breastfed both of mine and didn't get my period back for 2 yrs with one and 22 months with the other. Joyous times!!

  3. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2022/01/animal-tracks-snow-print-identification/

  4. I'm just surprised there are these many teen books with people getting eaten alive by horses after being covered in oats

  5. Rich Tea are sooo good with a cold glass of orange squash. Perfect pairing.

  6. Another man trying to get his end away. Needs his dick cut off.

  7. I have a mini board, was amazed when i found it. I used to just idea on the bed but felt like putting steam through that all the time probably wouldn't be good.

  8. So glad to see this.. I find myself alone on this alot of the time.

  9. I regret seeing this thread :(

  10. If we weren't meant to eat the green they'd cut them off surely....?

  11. Artistic License allows for stories to be overwhelmingly fictitious... says the Collins dictionary.

  12. Its not fair. I have wanted this sponge dress since the moment i saw it.. when i was 32 years old. I am actually devastated, i am crying, this is not fair. I know some of you may think i'm totally crazy for getting upset but this dress means so much to me and i have been dreaming of wearing if, but now i never can. I hope it rains when she wears it. Its so unfair.

  13. I’ve always been a chocolate eater, used to always buy a 4 pack of twirls/wispas/whatever during the weekly shop to have in my packed lunch, as they were only £1.

  14. I remember finding them in b&m/poundland type store for a quid thinking wicked i've sussed it.. got home opened the packet realised they were half the size of regular bars.

  15. The Margherita pizza when it’s hot and probably the pink jammie..how about yourself?

  16. The pizza is my fave too, its like school pizza! Yuuum

  17. Go into the bathroom to grab something when someone else is showering with no issue at all....

  18. Any graph/chart which states that the 'Daily Mail' (aka 'Daily Heil') is in the centre, is a steaming pile of arse gravy.

  19. Chocolate is so gooooood ♡ goes to listen The video is beautiful too!

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