1. OK GH. You've just set a precedent. Spencer clearly takes betrayal very seriously. So you BETTER let him have that same energy for Joss when he finds out she left Britt alone on the pier after Britt saved her life and that she cheated on Cam.

  2. Why would he be mad that she left? Neither Brit nor Joss knew that that time that Britt had been scratched. Britt did not know until she got home. There is no way Joss could have known that Britt was hurt or was going to die.

  3. You don't leave someone alone on a dark pier in the middle of the night after they've been attacked by a serial killer!

  4. Joss was very traumatized and mostly like shaken and in shock. She was understandably not thinking clearly. Who would in a situation like that? Jess is a teenager - Britt is a grown adult. Britt was heading home herself.

  5. I think Spencer will have a MOC with either Trina or Esme.

  6. I vote Esme gets to keep her own baby. Spencer has no business rasing a puppy much less a baby.

  7. I got so excited when I saw Blake! On the other hand, I cringed when I got to the does not make on a Karen part though. I am so beyond over the use of Karen as a derogatory term/insult. My late mom's name is Karen and I miss her so much. She was amazing and she died trying to save my baby brother. It hurts my heart to see her name being used in a negative way. I feel bad for other awesome people named Karen too.

  8. I am soooo tired of this Gwen/Xander/Sarah triangle. Gwen's useless and has overstayed her welcome, Sarah is acting like a child, I mean she forgave Xander over and over, did she ever really think he was gonna change?

  9. I agree with you about Sarah but I love Gwen and I don't find her useless and hope she stays on the show for a long time.

  10. i really need a month without the sarah and xander plot line and chad and stephanie (even tho they weren’t in this episode)

  11. I would love a long break from Chad and Sarah. Maybe these two can hook up and take a long term off screen vacation with his kids, lol.

  12. Thank you for the positivity. I am so happy for them and I am happy that the delivery seems to have gone safely and that both mom and baby are doing well. What an exciting time for them.

  13. She should take Spencer over her knee after she's done whooping Nik, lol.

  14. Britt died for Joss and she couldn't even show up?

  15. Her family needs her more right now. Willow is fighting for her life and just had a baby. Joss is being supportive of Michael and Michael did ask her to stay with the baby while he went to find out about Willow.

  16. I would love it if Spencer tries and the Judge laughs him right out of court, lol.

  17. When Alex stopped Chad to talk, for a second I thought he was going to threaten him or something but then he told Chad he was lucky. Now if that had been old, crazy Ben, Chad wouldn't have been so lucky, lol.

  18. 🤣 I'm starting to question why I ever liked her lol.

  19. I keep finding myself questioning why they constantly have Sarah wear shirts that are 3 sizes too small. It looks like she is wearing a child's shirt, lol.

  20. I hope I get it right but I always loved when Suki was nervous about her first date with Jackson and Lorelai told her, "A date is a good thing. Whether you find out he is the love of your life or you find out that under any circumstances you should never see him again, it is a good thing,"

  21. Ugh, I would love it if just once a woman didn't choose Chad. The fact that he is suddenly ready to date and fornicate with Stephanie proves that he was intentionally interfering in Alex and Stephanie's time together. Alex was right all along about Chad.

  22. So will Stephanie ever actually admit, that she's wanted Chad from the beginning but used Alex as a distraction until Chad was ready.

  23. I think she admitted it today when she told Chad that because he turned her down initially, that is why she finally gave in to Alex and that if Chad had admitted his feelings from the get-go they would have been together this whole time. If she was just using Alex, that is cruel to do him, and then make him feel like dog crap over the phone situation.

  24. This story of Spencer and Nik wanting to steal a baby away from his/her/their mother is terrible and makes me very uncomfortable. No one is asking what Esme wants for her child. It is her baby too. Like it or not she is the baby's mom.

  25. It makes me very uncomfortable how Nik and Spencer both want to take a baby away from his/her mother. First, she was held hostage and now both of these guys want to steal her baby and are acting like Esme is not a person or a mom but just a rent-a-womb.

  26. I am so tired of this Willow dying storyline already. Make it end.

  27. I love them too and I hope we see more of their relationship next season. I love their parents too.

  28. Exactly!!!! She’s going through substantial trauma. People saying that Ginny should be grateful like.. I’ve also been through some shit. Doesn’t mean I’m going to murder and lie completely about it.

  29. What about all the trauma that Georgia has been through?

  30. Exactly. The fact that she can lie to others about her murders, how she manipulates others…

  31. She wasn't seriously going to let Ginny starve, give me a break. Ginny had been extremely rude to her and acting childish while also acting like a know it all and Georgia got exasperated with Ginny and snapped and was basically thinking, " fine get a job and buy your own damn food if you think you know it all, and think I am such a terrible mom," She only did that once and we see that Ginny continues to eat after that. We also see when Ginny was a child how Georiga would starve herself to make sure Ginny had enough to eat.

  32. Of course not every parent has to tell everything to their kids, but Ginny suffered from it. She never had a stable family situation, she moved out so many times, that isn't easy. She could have at least get an explanation from her mom about what really happened.

  33. The only reason Ginny suffered from it, was because she badgered and forced her mom into telling her and also invaded her mom's privacy by snooping in her room. Honestly, if some strange guy I never met before claiming to be a PI tells me my mom did something, I wouldn't jump to believing the stranger and thinking the worst of my mom and start snooping through her things and forcing her to tell me things about her life she didn't want to tell me. Ginny is also responsible for Gil knowing where they live which resulted in Gil hurting Georgia and Austin shooting his dad to protect his mom.

  34. I still like Georgia and find her to be a very interesting character to watch. Georgia fans are getting silenced on here because of so many posts bashing Georgia fans which replaced the Ginny hate posts.

  35. Thank you so much for creating this post. I like Georgia as well. Yes, she has killed people which is obviously not okay but her reasons for it came from a place of trauma and wanting to prevent her daughter from experiencing the same trauma. Georiga has always been a survivor and fighter. She has a more positive attitude and she loves her children fiercely. She would starve in order to make sure Ginny had enough to eat. She made being homeless into fun camping in the car trip. She invented Fri-yay for her children. She makes parenting mistakes but she really does try to be a good mom and wants her kids to have better lives than she did.

  36. as a mod there have been bashing posts towards both characters, but i don’t think georgia has gotten bashing posts as much as ginny. it’s just posts calling her out and talking about some of her more toxic traits, as well as diving into why she acts the way she does. georgia is a great character and i love her but that doesn’t mean she’s without faults. taking all the food out of the fridge, lowering your children’s credit scores, etc etc she does a lot of bad things that people are recognizing more and more with this season, so imo most posts are just talking about her actions and why she acts that way

  37. Now, instead of the Ginny hate posts, there are many posts hating on and bashing those who don't like Ginny.

  38. Bill looks like he’s going through the motions

  39. Maybe Sheila had Rolf from Days of our Lives brainwash and program Bill to do her bidding.

  40. Shouldn't Damian Lillard be right up there high on that list? He has been scoring 60 points in a game.

  41. Ava, why have that convo at the viewing room for a funeral?

  42. Maybe because her sister-in-law is dying and having a c-section.

  43. Oh you forgot about Britt’s memorial; I thought you felt so sad about it all

  44. In all fairness, she also has a dying sister-in-law so she is probably a little bit preoccupied with that on her mind.

  45. I hear you on this. However, John and Marlena have been front and center of DAYS pretty consistently. Kate was never a leading lady and never part of a supercouple, and Kayla and Steve were offscreen for a long time. The fans in general likely have a stronger attachment to Jarlena and Deidre is about to hit 5,000 episodes.

  46. I like Deidre Hall and Marlena but I always preferred her with Roman over John but I realize they are popular however Steve and Kayla were a super couple and are also very popular. Kate is also a popular character.

  47. Because Marlena was a leading lady in Days for a very long time. She probably still is considered as such. I don't think Kate and Kayla ever were.

  48. Kayla was very much a leading lady and her and Steve were one of the show's major super couples.

  49. Gwen: *Murdered Jack's mother in law *Turned his wife into a drug addict and drove her out of town *Stalked and gaslighted his daughter, and drove her into an insane asylum *Used and manipulated him at every turn. If Jack was anything like his old character, Gwen would be dead right now

  50. I’d be more than alright with it, too. Jack’s earned an earful and lets let Steve go a little feral, as a treat.

  51. I would love to see Kayla and Adrienne having drinks and calling out/roasting the citizens of Salem and see Steve go off on Jack. You should write for this show.

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