1. Isn't that how all swords work? No one manifests swords out of thin air.

  2. Nope oden got his swords made for him I’m pretty sure it’s the same for other swordsmen.

  3. Even then, as far as we know, the only sword he has now that has a strong history is Enma. Wado Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu's history is unknown and probably not that good considering Kitetsu was never properly used due to its cursed nature and Wado Ichimonji was just hanging up on a wall in a dojo in Shimotsuki village.

  4. An attack that left him damn near dead plus he was saved by law. The nine red scabbards scarred him too, your point? Your saying he takes enma as if it was hard to do, that was bound to happen eventually. Kid would beat king.

  5. Can they finally ditch vegapunks outfits now? they suck

  6. As in.. something to do with the replicator? I do like crafting in Apex so that could be interesting.

  7. ACoC is for sure not a huge powerjump... "Comfortably"

  8. One awakened attack from law and zoro is fucked.

  9. Even a different sperm from the same load would be a totally different kid. It's random chance.

  10. Dammit I thought so, there goes my chance to be a time traveler. 😞

  11. This exact idea is actually touched on in a time travel movie! Significant life events, like having a child, bar the traveler from going back in time past that date.

  12. What’s the movie? it’s sounds interesting and to be honest this really sucks for me because I just had my son last years so I wouldn’t be able to go past the date of fornication. What could I change in that amount of time?

  13. Pay to stay? So if I don’t pay I can’t stay?

  14. So that means I’m in the right sub right?

  15. If a person could move the speed of light, they could run across the Earth 7 times in 1 second.

  16. I mean the one piece world is 3 times bigger than our planet, plus it has 6 moons with one moon having its own moon so who knows how gravity works

  17. He took a bite of gum gum (sorry you probably won’t get the reference)

  18. Wait why are you guys going now? Mexico is a war zone right now with El chapo son being arrested. I'd say you guys shouldn't go now for your own safety

  19. She planning to go sometime In the next 2 month. I told her that and her awnser was the violence is not happening where she going to be traveling.

  20. Yeah cop could be racist, but the cut after he asked the race of the suspect is annoying. I want to know how the person answered the question it provides context.

  21. Did you not hear the manager say “why do you have my employee a black male at gun points he’s clearly not the criminal”

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