1. This show is obsessed with making characters dumb to make storylines work. Sonny of old would have canned Dex ages ago.

  2. Dex looks like a kid. Idk why Sonny hired someone so young. Brando would have been a better choice age-wise imo. But yeah I know, Sasha didn't want him involved. And look he ended up dying anyhow 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. I agree, Brando would have been great then they ended up getting rid of him for a boy who wants to play mobster? The only reason to bring in Dex is to give Joss a boy toy.

  4. Actually the L is for Louis which (Edwards middle name:) Edward Louis Quartermaine

  5. I’ve always thought it was for Lila! Thanks for setting me straight!

  6. Only know this because I looked it up a while back! You might be partly right - maybe he told Lila the L was for her :)

  7. Dex should just tell both these clowns I quit and go get a job at Burger King. He'd be better off.

  8. And he can meet Joss at the parking lot dumpster :)

  9. Willow wasted all that energy yelling at Nina that she fainted. And to think all she had to tell Nina that she was feeling a bit under the weather and if she felt better she'd go and talk to Sasha.

  10. I agree but it was nice seeing her actually showing emotions!

  11. Don't know why you are getting downvoted? You are right, although they are over the top with Nina the more conflict the better when it turns out Willow will need her.

  12. It does crack me up every time I hear her refer to her baby as "Ace"

  13. Why don't they bust Eileen already? They know she's working for Victor. Instead they threaten to arrest Alexis? 🤷🏼‍♂️🙄

  14. If they were smart they would feed her bad info and trap Victor.

  15. If they were smart. I'm starting to think instead of a weather machine, Victor has some machine somewhere making everyone dumber in Port Charles. 😂

  16. That would explain a lot of story lines.

  17. "I want to play this weekend, but it is up to the coach" said Aaron Rodgers NEVER!

  18. Idk if the fire was part of the plan but I think Robert and Holly are working together because Robert's behavior has been off since he found out she was being forced to do Victor's bidding 🤷🏼‍♂️

  19. That's what I said yesterday, but it they are it seems nobody else is in on it?

  20. That was the best part of coming home. I remember the bars being so crowded, you would run into practically everyone you ever went to school with that night.

  21. Yes! Drinking some courage to cope with the family :)

  22. I swear if Robert acts like who drugged him is some big mystery than these writers have seriously dumbed him down lol

  23. I am hoping he is in on this with Holly and setting some kind of trap for Victor, otherwise he is dumber than dumbed down - he already knows she is working for him.

  24. I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to deleting at the Hue app level, I have Hue wired in to Home Assistant as the main brains of my automation and the thought of redoing my automations and dashboards there after getting Hue set back up sounds like a nightmare. I mostly use Alexa for voice control for things I don’t have automated, and my wife relies heavily on it because she is automation adverse. Hopefully Hue/Amazon will get things sorted soon. There are tons of new 1 star reviews for the Hue skill saying it just stopped working, so we aren’t the only ones.

  25. I saw that too. Is your hue working with home assistant? There is a number to call for Alexa help, maybe if you call (and anyone who reads this) they will know it's not just a few people.

  26. Home Assistant is working perfectly. I will find the Alexa help number and give them a call in the morning.

  27. Could you reply to this and tell me what they say. They told me they are aware of it but have no idea when they will fix it. Apparently not in a big hurry??

  28. Love this pic! Is the middle one a staffy? My staffy always has to be different too :)

  29. When I do the 'add devices' through Alexa, it adds two devices that I have no idea what they are, they're labeled 'corner light' and 'fan 1' which are not mine, and their device origins are "Royal UK' and 'Netherland DB" and I"m in the USA. Meanwhile it's not adding the two plugs that the app for those plugs sees... but sees the other two plugs on that app. It's just incredibly frustrating, this should not be complicated tech for an on-off switch.

  30. And did yours suddenly lose a bunch of connected devices a few weeks ago?

  31. It has been acting strange the past few weeks. I lost all hue lights last Sunday (getting same Royal UK and Netherlands) and the skill won't connect. Called amazon and they know about it but said there is no time limit to fix it - pretty much F.U. live with it. Don't know if they want you to buy alexa bulbs or what the problem is but I know other people that have no problem at all (I guess we are just lucky!) I now have to walk around with my hue app to turn my lights on and off!

  32. I almost ruined my turkey today because I relied on the notification. I woke up early to put the turkey on and took a quick nap before everyone came over. 2 hours later I woke up to find the grill totally stopped! It is below freezing here in Wis, and when I looked in the hopper half the pellets stayed to one side instead of falling down! Luckily I got it going and it turned out OK (2 hours late.)

  33. I had the same thought about making the notifications local. I would rather have a reliable system that works when I'm home than an unreliable one that works when I'm away - The likelihood of me smoking when I'm away from the house is pretty minimal anyway. I do like that I can check on the grill quickly from my phone still when the notifications don't work, but feeling the need to have a secondary wireless thermometer kind of defeats the purpose of wifi.

  34. My very first cook was mothers day and I was bragging about the wifi system and notifications, I looked like a real idiot when nothing worked and I had to sit there an d babysit the grill! Don't they realize how bad this makes them look? My brother was thinking about buying one but they certainly didn't make any sales that day!

  35. That is great! You should put an empty bottle by his mouth :)

  36. Well there isn't much freedom in jail so............

  37. Most of my devices are Insteon. Looking at the routines they are all Insteon mostly light switches and plugs. Perhaps I’ll reset the Insteon bridge, however, the devices work individually through the Insteon app.

  38. I lost all communication with my hue lights last Sunday. I called hue and everything works fine in my hue app so they say it's an alexa problem. Called amazon and they tell me they are having problems with the skill, but pretty much told me not to hold my breath because there is no time limit for getting it fixed. I don't understand because I posted my problem on this site and it works fine for most people?

  39. We are spoiled and expect the best, I don't think that is a bad thing?

  40. Well half of it is commercials :)

  41. Pretty much. I was surprised when I watched it on abc.com the first time and the episode length was 36 minutes.

  42. You can really see the difference when you stream old shows that only had 2 minute commercials half as many times.

  43. If Cody gives Britt some, "You deserve to be loved but not by me." BS because he wants that necklace and is using her when she's already struggling with her illness he's going to the top of my most hated list.

  44. If Britt has to leave I hope she takes him with her and they run off together.

  45. Right? Scout carved into his cell wall for years... The last time I remember seeing them together was last Christmas. These days, Drew seems a lot like a deadbeat dad.

  46. He carved it into his wall at home too, but that is only so he can remember her name :)

  47. I came here to report the exact same thing. Alexa could turn on lights, but not turn them off... they would go "unresponsive" after a bit.

  48. Exact same problem! I just tried disconnection the skill and now it won't let me reconnect.

  49. Same thing is happening to me with the Alexa connection. Also rebooted the Hub

  50. Same problem here! I tried disconnecting the skill and not it won't let me reconnect. I feel better knowing it's not just me but would feel a lot better if they fix it!

  51. It depends on how cold it gets. Remember, these are LCD screens…liquid crystal. I live in NJ and left a laptop in my trunk one winter and it went down to 14 degrees one night…killed the screen (really, really weird too…odd patterns then it just went black-ish). That was in one night, I imagine repeatedly freezing and thawing would be even worse. Also bad for capacitors and such on the PCBs (I am uncertain if there are any batteries in these things, but it would be bad for them as well). It’s one thing if electronics like this are exposed to cold for a short time, but you are talking about it being out there all night, every night. So, again, how cold does it get in there? If it is frequently below freezing, I wouldn’t do it.

  52. Very intelligent comment copper jack off.

  53. I've noticed, patties that are raised well, are much more timid and look for permission. It could be a sign of loyalty, respect, and dependence on the human parent. Not necessarily a bad think.

  54. He's not exactly the polite type :) What really bothers me is when he whines or even howls by the door like he is scared. Once he finally comes in he is fine? I live in the midwest so this could be a very long winter for both of us!

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