1. A Hazy Shade of Winter. Covered by The Bangles Originally by Simon & Garfunkel

  2. Whee! I'm seeing them next Friday in Melbourne.

  3. imk says:

    I saw Underworld open up for the Eurythmics when their first album came out (underneath the radar, iirc)

  4. I never realised this was the same people!!

  5. Man, I missed the okonomiyaki

  6. That's the first place I ever tried it!

  7. Thanks. This is what I thought. I took the photo near my daughter's school so can't pull it out from someone's yard but I'll pass them on the info. It looks as though I won't be a good idea to grow some myself though.

  8. Thanks. I looked that up and it has a different leaf pattern.

  9. I was diagnosed in my early 20s and gad my gallbladder out in my late 30s. I didn't think they were related in any way.

  10. There's nothing more pure than the voice of Bobcat Goldthwait

  11. Has it changed? Was there originally a smaller one? To me it looks like a sprouting seedling and perhaps they're playing the long game and replace it with a bigger one. It's a long shot but I'm trying to be creative.

  12. Westinghouse is now owned by Electrolux, So they're definitely not the tried and true brand they were, but elux is pretty decent. HOWEVER, I've heard somewhat questionable things about Electrolux here in the USA.

  13. Thank you. After a bit more research and a colour scheme change (husband wants black appliances) we've decided to look at Bosch. It's a little more pricey but better quality and service.

  14. One that you continue to feel good for an hour afterwards

  15. Watergardens and Roxburgh Park hotels both have buffets I'm not sure on price though.

  16. Wow! I didn't realise The Vandals had been around for that long. I discovered them in the Live Fast, Diarrhea era. I still play Happy Birthday To Me every year on my birthday

  17. Could it be a knife holder and/or sharpener? Westall Richardson comes up when I search for richardson vintage. Edit, the company is now known as Richardson Sheffield.

  18. Yes, when the dimension is selected you should get a little tool bar. Toggle the button that looks like a lower case m with a quotation mark above it. This will turn the display units on or off.

  19. The most recent movies were always released around my birthday so every year my Dad would take me out on my Birthday to see a new movie. On the weekend he got to walk my down the aisle at my wedding and I surprised him by walking down to the star wars theme song.

  20. Have you checked the layers in the object manager? Check that it's not in the master. I may nit be using the correct terminology sorry.

  21. I am not able to understand what you're trying to say... I just copied the same artwork from page 1 to page 2 and tried to ungroup it but it doesn't work

  22. When you copied it the layers may still be on the master page.

  23. I bought it 2.5 years ago (when my wedding was first scheduled). It's from an Australian brand called Zaleia, from the winter 2020 collection. I believe you can still get it from whiterunway.com.au it's called Lydia.

  24. We were originally meant to get married in Melbourne in 2020 but it was cancelled due to covid. We now live in Echuca Rural Victoria There is major flooding in our region at the moment. Due to the flooding we thought most of our friends and family wouldn't be able to make it up from Melbourne. On Sunday morning we woke up to find the town split in half as the bridges across the Campaspe River are closed and we couldn't get to our venue. A last minute change of plans had everyone in our backyard with sausages in bread and party pies. Thank goodness the bottle shop opened! It ended up being a lovely day and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

  25. It was called Down Ball for us. Idk west Melbourne had a few unique words from what I hear

  26. Downball here too. Northern suburbs in the mid 80s.

  27. Thanks everyone. She's "teething" at the moment and chewed my table so she's still in the growing stage. I have spoken with my vet and she's not currently too concerned. We'll monitor them and address as required.

  28. Mine does at least once daily. Typically when she gets over excited. Once she's calmed down she stops.

  29. All I know is I’ve had Hashimoto’s with a gallbladder and Hashimoto’s without a gallbladder, and I notice no difference. Even when it was at 17% function, it wasn’t affecting my thyroid function.

  30. Same. I had my gallbladder removed. No change to my hashimotos.

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