1. I never thought much of Pat Benetar until I saw her live. She was amazing!

  2. Barnies is the best thing ever. In the 8 minute window. Take any longer than that to start on it and the stodge factor begins. If doing takeaway shove it in you in the carpark. Its the only way. The frog in a pond will last till you get home

  3. You still have Barnacle Bills? I reckon the last one closed in Melbourne over 20 years ago.

  4. Tank Girl. It's a terrible cheesy movie but teenage me was all about riot grrl and it perfectly fit into that stage of my life. I still cringe but love it every time I watch it.

  5. I’m thinking of getting “May the Force be with you” in Aurebesh. My issue is the “F” in Force would you have it as a capital letter or lower case? Thank you

  6. Possibly. Maybe yes. Does Aurebesh technically have capital letters? I liked this script as it was, all lower case. It's not grammatically correct but I'm happy with the way it looks. I can't wait to see yours.

  7. Some do!! Pebbles doesn’t but sometimes Bam Bam does and it can be creepy looking 😂

  8. Yes she's 16 weeks old. She would have been around 13 weeks in this video. She's my first boston.

  9. I never lost wait just by taking my meds. It did stop any further weight gain however to lose weight I had to manage my food and exercise.

  10. My daughter was just watching it and I heard the song in the final credits. I thought it was Davey's voice!

  11. in Bruges.. its emotional, its a trip, its hilarious. I don't think a similar film could be made. The whole thing is amazing. It's a one-of-a-kind.

  12. I came here to say the same thing. Definitely one of my all time favourites.

  13. Open your Eyes by Guano Apes. I thought the singer was male.

  14. I ordered on the 8th but haven't got this email so fingers crossed I can collect mine tomorrow.

  15. I use a heart rate monitor when I train. It also depends on what exercises you are doing. I burn more on a deadlift or squat day than I do on an upper body day.

  16. Deadlift with a band over the bar and under your feet, at a lighter weight obviously. It creates tension and as the band stretches you really have to work for the lockout.

  17. I've dropped 2kg in a week to make weight. It wasn't fun. I had to weigh in at 7am on a Sunday so I started a water cut as follows: Monday - drink 4 litres of water - add 10gms magnesiom at one stage, eat 2 bananas and 3 apples Tues - 5 litres again with magnesium and 3 bananas Wed - 5.5 litres plus magnesium and 3 bananas Thu - 6 litres of water plus 15gms magnesium and 3 short black coffees. Cut all carbs today Friday - 7 litres of water and 20gms magnesium. Have some dandelion tea and reduce meal portions. No carbs today. Saturday - only 800ml of water to be drunk throughout the whole day. You basically just want to keep your mouth wet. Have a few short black coffees and another dandelion tea. Plus a light dinner. Sunday morning - weigh in.

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