1. I use Griots Correcting Cream and Griots Perfecting Cream. It's definitely not the best, but I'm not trying to achieve showroom quality. It's good stuff at a good cost, and easy to use.

  2. Ty for the information. Probably the 6 month to start out. Because far as I know nobody in my service area offers any ceramic coating. So I'm trying to figure out pricing to offer and what type of ceramic.

  3. Griots FCC and PC, Koch Chemie H9 and M3, Sonax compounds and polishes as well as Optimum, Angelwax and 3D are all on my shelf.

  4. Man I work out with a few guys that wear chucks and blazers.. I always believe they love self harm. I even walk in chucks for a hour and my ankles and feet are screaming... I couldn't imagine running in them

  5. The bull is hella looking intoxicated and them court purple 13s don't have a leather upper.. they have 3M uppers.

  6. As I previously said I wasn't going for retail look. I Prefer the leather. Purchased on purpose

  7. My bad didn't see that.. I'm glad you found something you liked. Enjoy!

  8. I have the ultra boost 22 in all white. Most comfortable sneaker I own. I use them mainly for cardio. Even 300 miles in there still comfortable. They definitely ain't white anymore lol

  9. I'd wear them.. they will still be worth a fortune either way.. Id rock them shyts with some 80s gear! You only live once.. fck it. Everyone thinks they can take money an material shyt to the grave.. enjoy the experience

  10. I'm assuming duster would work nice on most of the interior also if you don't have air supply.

  11. Ain't lying... I'd rock that and I'm 40 years old my dude 🤷‍♂️😊

  12. S10+ is a great device.. I recently upgraded to the S23+ and I was kinda disappointed with only the camera being a bit better. I can't tell any other difference

  13. Man look at the Jumpman... he doin the damn splits. Jordan never did that move

  14. Awesome work! I just started my own mobile detailing business. I've had 4 new customers give me a try. I'm confident in my work but i still get nervous because I want to make them happy because I'm not cheap. So far they all have been extremely satisfied. Keep it up!

  15. These are exquisite, and nobody cares because there not 1s or 4s 😆 I care though.. absolute must have for the collection

  16. I love an Air Ship - and have the Pine Greens and University Golds… but these, these are much better!

  17. The quality is foreal actually good! Definitely a dope old school silhouette. I have the Carolina blue pair that just dropped. My next pick up are the dune reds

  18. Jordan 6 was my first sneaker love in the early 90s! So definitely a dope first pick up.. I like when they do this color blocking on 6s! Enjoy

  19. I cop the blue pair...but definitely need the dune red pair soon.. bc I dig these just as much

  20. I will say, as cliche as it is, these are much better in hand than the pics make it seem

  21. I couldn't believe the dune red was sitting in all sizes hours after release in europe.. but they wouldn't send to the states. So I'm paying resale which isn't much really. It's wild because the quality is good an a fire sneaker.

  22. Yes compared to a Jordan 1 the toe box is a little smaller but they fit good once I laced them up an walked around in them.

  23. Beautiful collection my friend. I need the bred 4s real soon. Been trying to find a reasonable pair on GOAT.

  24. I'm so happy I got the shock drop! I'm wearing these to the movie premiere with my sons! Clean

  25. 3 4 5... reminds me of my childhood in the 80s.. I dig them!

  26. I love 3s.. probably the cleanest silhouette. But these look AMM with some rainbow sherbet across the back. They will be hyped..but I hope the real ones get there's. I'll pass.

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